Dark, melancholy band OUTSHINE from Sweden, has released its video for the song “Nightcall”

  Van Muylem    10 mei 2020

Outshine from Gothenburg, Sweden has had some real rough years with authorities, band members, cancelled albums and bad luck.  As big fans of noir & melancholy movies and styles from the 1980ies "Nightcall" was a perfect fit to start the new era. The original song by Kavinsky is featured in the iconic movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling."

After founder and guitarist Jimmy Boman took over the vocals 2018, the band have spent the last year to form a new sound and a darker style to the band and the band have now finalized a new album that is currently being mixed and set to be released 2020.

 The style is more of old school Sisters Of Mercy / Type O Negative with some Paradise Lost / Tiamat vibes to it. Dark, melancholy, heavy, groovy with some gothic vibes to it.





The Outshine video for 'Nightcall' will be released through Dead Tree Group in association with The Orchard / Sound Pollution.