Apoptygma Berzerk - NEIN DANKE! (Tatra Records / Pitch Black Drive)

  Van Muylem    24 juni 2020

Apoptygma Berzerk has gotten into a crazy releasing drive since Covid-19 screwed up our life and their tour schedule. No live gigs, but more time for diving into the past and / or working on new mixes! Fans will be delighted (once again)!

Soma Coma is one of the favourite tracks of my kids when I play it without my headphones. I totally understand why: it’s catchy, has a positive vibe (and for me a cool retro touch). You can dance on it whilst feeling happier. It’s a real ray of light (surrounded by Covid-19 horror stories).

Atom & Eve is a bit the Adam and Eve song for synth pop lovers who love the classic retro style. It also has a positive and almost floating sound and might even make it into the hands of certain DJ’s. The songs is as good and happy as a ray of light tearing the darkness apart. I really love this song and hope it will be part of their new live set!

A Battle For The Crown sounds really into the classic retro style with the right synth blips. Stephan is singing a bit like Gary Numan, giving it the right setting for a walk into the past. At some point it even gets a bit into a catchy feel and you slowly feel like dancing. This also reminds me how hard I want to see them back on stage during once we can finally go back to festivals or attend gigs in large venues!

Nearest has been performed on stage for the past 3 years, so it’s a cool thing to have it here. The song brings in a bit of melancholy and darkness.

Deep Red gets an extended version with The Long Cut By Vile Electrodes. It brings back the C-64 feel and a bunch of other retro touches. This version gives it a darker feel, with imminent and scary feeling.

After that we get a more club and Dj-minded remix for A Battle For The Crown, so start to dance!

Atom & Eve (C-64 version) gets some extra touches by Zone Tripper (a very typical mix, like as if you are really playing an old C-64 game).

The last one is also a new track: Jennifer Corvino. It starts with a piano and slowly gets the help of some synths. It’s an instrumental and might be used as opening track for future gigs!

Next to this one APOP also announced that 2 more compilations will follow. They also just released an LP version of the 2009 album Rocket Science.

APOP keeps us busy and that is a good thing! It’s time to dig out old and almost lost pearls and work on new material and we love it! Thank you APOP!