PSY’AVIAH feat. Kyoko Baertsoen - Train Of Thought EP (Alfa Matrix Records)

  Van Muylem    14 juli 2020

This EP is the result of 2 Belgian artists Yves Schelpe and Kyoko Baertsoen (HOOVERPHONIC, LUNASCAPE, etc.) working on one song: Train Of Thought.

It’s the most trip-hop / pop-rock oriented song from PSY’AVIAH’s current electro album Soul Searching. A moody and poignant song dealing with insomnia, one of the biggest plagues of our Western modern world, intelligently mixing ethnic elements and electronic instruments to render that unique dark and suffocating atmosphere haunted by the emotional, hazy and mystical vocals of Kyoko Baertsoen

This is what I wrote about it when I reviewed the album:

« Train Of Thought feat Kyoko Baertsoen has some Arabic influences in it and floats a bit. Kyoko’s vocals fit very well and give’s it that extra touch and a flair of grandeur. It’s a sweat and very heavenly minded track. »

A new PSY’AVIAH video clip was also shot for this lush “Train Of Thought” song featuring actress & dancer Zara García (, telling the story of "struggling with our sleep" in a beautiful way:

Next to more dancefloor oriented remixes of the title song thanks to a synthwave radio pop rework by SD-KRTR and hypnotizing trance versions by Mister Tom Bro, PSY’AVIAH again takes us by surprise with an original and exclusive B-side song inspired by FAITHLESS’ dance mega-hit Insomnia and fully transformed into a melancholic trip-pop track offering an all new sonic experience while paying homage to FAITHLESS. Guest female singer Charlotte C. subtly appropriates the song and makes it her own, adding a fitting chorus and changing the song so much that you have to know in advance that this is in fact a cover.