Corlyx announce they have signed with label Negative Gain and announces new album!

  Van Muylem    24 juli 2020

Corlyx announce they have signed with label Negative Gain, and will release their new album Together Apart, worldwide on September 15th. Corlyx's new album Together Apart continues the evolution of their sound. Never ones to stay within one lane on their musical style, Caitlin explains the writing process behind the new album...

This is the first time we sat down as song writers and decided to focus on a genre, with Corlyx we often just write creatively and then label the sound afterwards. After putting out a pretty large body of work dedicated to industrial influences we thought it was time to make a proper goth album. Both of us are huge fans of Post Punk and 80’s goth bands, we hope our current fans will appreciate the new direction we have gone with this record and feel really passionate about this work.


White Wolf

We See Red

Find The Killer

Porcelain Skin

When The Witch Comes Out

Jump In

Stitches From California

Black Wind

Your Love Is A Curse