Pete Crane - XV (Infacted Recordings and Blind Mice Productions)

  Van Muylem    27 juli 2020

Known for fronting the industrial-electro band SHIV-R, which since 2010 has released 4 full-length albums, numerous singles, EPs and remixes and toured extensively throughout over 20 countries worldwide, Pete Crane now presents a solo, self-titled project of instrumental industrial club music.

Launching in early 2020 with the debut full-length album That Annihilated Place and accompanying single You Are Not Your Body, Pete Crane's solo music focuses on hard-hitting club sounds. With no vocals (unlike SHIV-R), the project builds from an industrial techno basis and injects doses of bass music grime, The only exception is the smashing single: You Are Not Your Body (here on this EP with a high Front 242 anno 2020 feel in the Tragic Impulse remix). EBM power and psytrance flow to create a sound that has already landed in many DJ setlists around the world.

The title refers to the number of The Devil tarot card featured in the striking neon cover art, the digital release contains 4 new tracks that reinforce the project's more industrial sounds mixed with stomping beats and dancefloor oerientated, along with 2 remixes from the debut album by Les Berrtas and Tragic Impulse. My favorite track is the stomping and very catchy Total Annihilation and for sure if you have seen too much zombie movies where evil ones are spreading the zombie virus. If on top you have to go shopping and see a lot of people in fear with masks on and some idiots without spreading the sickness and claiming it's their right you know we gor it: Total ... Don't scream it's the Devil's work as you are spreading the virus in stead of spreading this great music and raving in your own house and creating a private dancefloor for it! Well done Pete!


Tear You Apart

Total Annihilation

The Devil


Fear (Les Berrtas remix)

You Are Not Your Body (Tragic Impulse remix)

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