Norwegian aggrotech/industrial-metal act Hell:Sector is releasing a new single and video, COVID-666, on August 7th!

  Van Muylem    7 augustus 2020

Hell:Sector is deliviering the aggresive blend of hellish vocals, detuned guitars and synthetic aggression to the pounding beats of the apocalypse!

Covid-666 will be avaliable on all major streaming and digital music services including the Hell:Sector bandcamp page.
If you want to get physical the track will also be featured on the DSBP records compilation Futronik Structures Vol. 10 out on August 7th aswell.

The track is both addressing the currant Covid-19 situation and human behavior of destruction and selfishness in this difficult time and age, painted on a canvas of the apocalypse and doubt in faith of humanity.

Scream for the apocalypse, this is Covid-666!