Finally New LOS single "Ravnefjeld" ( feat. Nanna Barslev) is OUT! Available worldwide on all streaming platforms!

  Van Muylem    8 augustus 2020

Ravnefjeld features special guest vocalist Nanna Barslev! The first sparks of this collaboration started a year ago where Nanna attended a LOS concert at Møn, at the encore she joined the stage for a improvisation together with Søren. It opened a new door and meeting of two artists both singing in a similar and personal language from deep within with a deep nordic and mystic vibe that can be heard for the first time on Ravnefjeld.

Ravnefjeld is made purely from voices and cirkels around simple melodic themes that both gives you an ambience of the dark and the light, female and maskuline, earth and the sky and the ravens that are dancing at the old mountain, telling their stories of wisdom…”

Listen to “Ravnefjeld” on Spotify here 🔥🔥🔥