Valentina Reptile – Truth or Death EP (Epictronic)

  Van Muylem    9 augustus 2020

Valentina Reptile is an eclectic musician and songwriter based in London UK. After an extensive experience as a singer and songwriter in UK metal bands Fragments of Faith and Hieroglyph, several important collaborations within different genres and styles, she now delivers her solo material, an original blend of various style of electronic music, which varies from industrial to synthwave to 90s euro pop.

The EP starts with an intro, which for me is always a waste as I want the real music and always skip or delete it when I can. Here it sounds a bit like the kind of lounge music you hear in hipster bars or restaurants. The first real track is called Truth or Death. The song starts with a piano synth, reworked vocals, some drum’n bass and lot’s of electronic stuff. If it’s the first time you hear her singing than you are for sure blown out of your socks as she can really sing. The music needs some time and some more listening sessions before I can appreciate the eclectic sound. Sometimes it sounds like Björk in her regular experimental days and with a metal/industrial background.

River Running Wild mixes Tory Amos and Silver (and yes I’m a big fan of her). It’s a weird combination, but somehow it works. Strangers brings in some dubstep, drum’n bass and more of a touch of Silver. Without Me (Feat. Anita Kyoda) feels like a hit and yet has to make it into the international charts. The song sounds simply great with the perfect beats and cool electronic sound. Maybe the famous DJ Regi was behind the decks, whoever it was it’s done in a magistral way!

Fear starts whispering but once the beats pop up and some electronic bleeps awakens it get’s a kind of dreampop touch. Without Me gets a remix called NyF Remix. Here the beats are louder and upfronted. The beats almost sound like hammering and there is more bass but the vocals are a bit too much pushed away.

It’s a special EP and it needs some time, but once open yourself to the eclectic sound and the special approach you get totally away with it and start to enjoy it! Just give it a shot and you’ll see!