REASONS BEHIND - Project: M.I.S.T. (Scarlet Records)

  Van Muylem    13 september 2020

Over the course of the career, Reasons Behind definitely evolved from a symphonic metal band with electronic influences into a more synth-oriented sounding outfit. On their sophomore record the final result is simply outstanding: the crystal-clear, powerful voice of Elisa Bonafè dances between catchy and enthralling melodies (conceived by the band leader, songwriter and guitarist Gabriele Sapori), combined with both modern Swedish Metal and Metalcore riffing and immersed in Trance/Dubstep/Eurodance atmospheres.

‘Project: M.I.S.T.’ is a concept album about life and reality, enriched by lyrics that depict all the facets of human existence: a modern metal sci-fi rollercoaster that take’s you through a journey weaved from a stream of images and tunes. The album starts with Unplugged: an opening track with a trance / cyberpunk setting. Fireflies In The Wind is the real first track and mixes metal with a synth and clean female vocals with a metallic sound in the back. I can hear a flavour of catchiness. The start is not bad at all! A Hidden Tread has cool guitars and a good tempo. The vocals sound a bit more natural here. The mix of electronics and the sweet vocals work out well. Shades of Neon almost grows out the previous track as if it’s plain natural. If you get disturbed in between you even don’t notice that you are already listening to the next one (except for the stomping beats at some point). Ghostwired sounds at some point a bit similar to t.A.T.u. but with a more metal minded setting. For the first time I also hear a guitar solo. The electronics also get their part in this song. Beyond The Black is a faster track, with a bit of an ABBA touch in it, together with some modern electronics. Living A Lie comes the closest to a regular female fronted metal track. Binary Stars explodes and rages, but not without a touch of t.A.T.u. and a guitar solo. Between Here And Awake is a short interlude and is over before you even realize it. (E)met is a fast one with a good vibe and great vocals! I totally understand why this one got rewarded with a video! No Dawn To Come is the last one. I like the melody and the composition. It’s a good end for this album.

Well it was a nice discovery but I wont keep any track on, my I-tunes as I don’t have any free space on my pocket player and with this all is said about it. Don’t worry: it’s a good album, the concept is good, the vocals are good …! I just miss some tracks that make you push the repeat button.