Yellow Lazarus launches new single & Video "Quarantine"

  Van Muylem    16 september 2020

Trapped in their studios and taken away from the stages, many bands didn't have a choice but to channel their lost time into creativity. Yellow Lazarus were one of them, and they took that matter very serious: "After months of isolation in a Europe under lockdown we began to slowly lose our minds", Slender Owl describes the mindset of the writing process. The result is a special gabber, techno & hip hop minded track!

Quote from the band: "Our new single captures the sound of our various stages of acceptance and denial, of lucidity and insanity. There was a feverish party of shadows and deafening silence in our heads. This is the song they played, again and again." So after their colourful first EP "The Mark Inside" "Quarantine" shows a new facette of this extraordinary band.