Here's the lyric video for 'Nowhere train', the second single from Your life on hold's upcoming album 'Echoes from the bardo'!

  Van Muylem    27 september 2020

The release date of the new album is getting close and the more I hear the more I adore it! Once again Belgium will have a great Gothic Rock album! Sounds like Solar Lodge Records did a great thing signing this artist!


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I fool myself again and again Because the light in the tunnel was just a train And the train was running the other way And the light was only fading away Seen from above it’s like I’m doing this dance Going up and down while turning around It’s a vicious circle and I can’t get out Locked in darkness, lost in doubt In the bardo my life remains on hold Stuck in the middle, out in the cold So let’s start the fire, let’s start that war Now I know that’s what I’m here for That little spark of hope inside Is it made by the rain or made by sunlight What if the light was just a train At the end of the tunnel still down the drain Lying gets easy when you know the truth Some hollow words for a greater good It’s a vicious circle and you know the words Say them on repeat even if it hurts I have a happy pill against the pain It makes me feel like I’m on that train Driving through the tunnel without getting out Still locked in darkness, lost in doubt I’m on a train to nowhere I’m on a train and I want to get out

Words & music by John Wolf Footage shot by GNY - Additional footage by and with Silke Torfs Post production and editing by John Wolf.