Bedless Bones – Sublime Malaise (Cold Transmission/bandcamp)

  Van Muylem    28 september 2020

Sublime Malaise is an exploration of a shifting state; an envisioned departure from ill-being, finding a ground, juxtaposition of vivid abstract sensations and the mundane dullness of existence; the corporeal ailments and the boundless routes of the mind. It's a nocturnal journey of darkness and light, where relapse, intimidating encounters and self-irony are ever-lurking. Sonically it carries the spirit of dark wave and cold wave, but also incorporates elements from other genres and contemporary sound design.

So far the intro for this Estonian project from Kadri Sammel. The album is exactly one year old, but as I try to support Estonian artists too and due to Covid-19 keeping us all on low profile I felt the urge of shining a light on Kadri and her mesmerizing music!

Nemesis Unborn mixes strings and electronics. The music sounds captivating, whilst the vocals seem to float in darkness. It almost could sound like an outtake from the Vikings soundtrack (Wardruna). It’s a magical momentum. I feel the song as if produced by a well-known star who goes from festival to festival and I hope I’m right (once Covid-19 has been beaten)! More beats and a higher tempo come with Limbs Entwined. The song sounds a bit like the female version of Depeche Mode versus Silke Bischoff. I absolutely adore it! It’s clearly a dancefloor minded track!

Drifting is another electro jewel with great vocals that sound strong and yet fragile. The sound has been mixed with 80’s influences and 2020 data stream! Yet again it’s a very dancefloor orientated song! Where Is My Voice has a good tempo and is driven by the vocals, the lyrics and after a while by the beats. I can hear some Commodore 64 influences but also some dub, industrial and some electro. It’s a very diversified track.

Revelations mixes industrial with cold wave. I even hear 2 different voices (added a male one, but it's in fact her own voice downtuned). The song sounds soft, but has a good melody and captivates you from start to end. Towards the end we get more and more differentiation in the audio.

Sad And Alone sounds like a tribal industrial trip with a hypnotic sound, driving beats and a sensual voice. Be prepared to dance on this one! Clubland here we come!

Niobe has a more floating sound and has lots of bleeps and blips in it. Next to that I hear a cool mix of 80’s synths and modern hardware. Losing Control sounds way softer than expected (but hey that’s on me). The sound is soft and melodic with a floating feel and a heavenly voice.

No Ceremony awakens you softly and gently. Once again I can spot a male vocal in the background (but hence it's her own voice downtuned). I like the rhythm and the electronics.

Heavy Words brings in a heavier tone, more beats and a slice of techno. This song has some potential for clubland. I can imagine it also works well during gigs. Last track is Hyperpyrexia and starts like typical industrial minded track (genre Insekt with The Punisher) except for the ethereal vocals.

Well, I'm sad I didn't get in touch with this artist earlier as I really love what she does. I hope I can help her with this review to reach a bigger adience and who knows with all the clips, she might get it done actually! Fingers crossed as she totally deserves it!