Bedless Bones – After Malaise (Cold Transmission/bandcamp)

  Van Muylem    30 september 2020

I already reviewed the first album of Sublime Malaise and loved it! Just after the first album a remix album with 2 new tracks has been released and I’m more than happy to give this Estonian artist an extra push in the back with a bit more of exposure (and outside of the Estonian fishing pool)!

Kadri Sammel surprised me in a positive way, so I keep track of what she does and warp myself on the follow up (remix) album.

Ostara brings in beats, a high tempo and cool electronics. The vocals sound like whispering and are on a haunting level. The song is very much into clubland! Adulthood has a more dreamy touch, without losing the connection with clubland. This one sounds like an excellent track for gigs.

Sad And Alone (Wychdoktor remix) gets a higher tribal feel and sounds lesser industrial than the original. The percussion plays a very important role here and gives it a techno minded touch.

Drifting (Nuclear Sludge Remix) sounds moderner and harsher (as if Johan Van Roy from Suicide Commando jumped in) than the original, but the link with clubland is still there. I love it!

Limbs Entwined (Trancegaze remix by Forgotten Sunrise) sounds totally different from the original and goes more into dreampop, however I hear a slice of Hellraiser (Suicide Commando) in it.

Where Is My Voice (Cly/Suva Lost voice remix) gets revamped and now has a modern jacket on the outside and more beats (into techno land) and has indeed no vocals.

Heavy Words (Oudeis Remix Mark I) gets more bass, but a bit too much distortion and too much bits and bleeps. Somehow the more industrial/EBM-minded approach is not working for me, but I can imagine some fans might actually find it the best track of the album!

Hyperpyrexia(Artur Lääts Cut) reminds me strongly of my youth (the part where I still visited some of the more popular techno places in my country) and as some might know: we had some great DJ’s in that genre back then. To be honest I didn’t recognize the original track.

Revelations (Version 2) gets some synth piano touch and some more blits and bleeps (but in a right way) and some Commodore 64 noizes.

Heavy Words (Oudeis Remix Mark II) sounds even heavier than the original and mixes techno with industrial whilst the vocals are into dreampop.

Well remix albums are not my thing, but this one smashed it in a good way. It’s clear that there is enough potential to change the tracks and keep it interesting (it also shows that the choices of the remixers was well done). The new tracks are also still cool. It was a nice trip!