IRON MAN vocalist, DEE CALHOUN, unleashes brand new video from latest album "Godless"!

  Van Muylem    6 oktober 2020

July 2020 seen the voice of iconic doom titans, IRON MAN, and SPIRAL GRAVE vocalist DEE CALHOUN, release his third solo- album on Argonauta Records. Godless is a haunting and dark acoustic blues rock affair, featuring longtime bandmate Louis Strachan on bass and Dee’s son Robert, “Little ‘Houn” Calhoun, who appears on the record with percussion and backing vocals performances.


“I began writing the songs on it shortly after Go to the Devil was released, and a lot of this was written during some very turbulent times.“ Dee comments. “ I think there is a blunt honesty in this record that people will identify with. I’ve played some of these songs live, and the response has been amazing.”

Following his highly anticipated, new album, Dee has just shared a brand new video! Watch the clip to the haunting, Americana blues juggernaut “Ebenezer” here:


Dee Calhoun began his musical journey nearly 40 years ago, and first appeared on record in the late 1980s. Aside being the vocalist of SPIRAL GRAVE, he was the singer and lyricist for Doom icons IRON MAN from 2010 until the passing of founding member Alfred Morris III in 2018, appearing on two of their EPs and the critically acclaimed 2013 LP South of the Earth. Calhoun released three critically acclaimed solo-albums to date, his latest album Godless is out on Argonauta Records.

Album Tracklisting:
01. Here Under Protest
02. Godless
03. The Moon Says Goodbye
04. Hornswoggled
05. To My Boy
06. Spite Fuck
07. No Justice
08. Ebenezer
09. Ride Away
10. The Greater Evil
11. The Day Salvation Went Away
12. Prudes, Puritanicals, Puddles Of Piss
Godless Line-Up:
Dee Calhoun - voice, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
Louis Strachan - bass
Robert "Little 'Houn" Calhoun - percussion

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