'On the Road to Babylon' - Walk In Darkness - out on November 6, 2020!

  Van Muylem    6 oktober 2020

Mysterious gothic metallers Walk in Darkness are back with their 3rd studio album, following the acclaimed singles released in 2019. A new video and single will be released later this month.


1. The Sound of Rain

2. On the Road to Babylon

3. Walk on the Sky

4. On the Moon or on Mars

5. Nothing

6. In the Mists of Time

7. My Restless Wings

8. Time To Rise

9. Critical System Failure

Shaman commented: “‘On the Road to Babylon’ is a milestone in our endless musical research and evolution, almost like a prophecy and a warning to a world imploding due to pandemic crisis, self-isolation and trans-humanity. Mankind is perpetually on the road to Babylon and once again we are awaiting trial. Our intention is to write original songs with emotional and intense vocal parts combined with atmospheric and heavy music. The album is a concept formed by 9 songs, each of which is surprising and irrepressible because of the melodic and rhythmic solutions, the sweet and strong vocals as well as the deep and engaging lyrics. We directed an attentive gaze to the present and future world, analyzing and thinking about it, and we realized this album with incredible and moving atmospheres. We hope that every human being can listen to this at least once during lifetime on the way to Babylon.”

The album pre-order will start on October 13th. ‘On the Road to Babylon’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Virus Recording Studio by Alessandro Guasconi. Artwork by Carlos Fides. All music and lyrics by Shaman.

Until we get the new video, here's a cool one: