JADED STAR – Realign (Noble Demon)

  Van Muylem    6 november 2020

I noticed Jaded Star for the first time when I was prepping for the Metal Female Voices Fest in Wieze. As always when I like a certain festival I try to review and interview as much bands who play there in advance and so I ran into Jaded Star, saw them on stage and loved it! And today I got the new CD on my desk!

Now for those who still have to discover them, here’s a bit of the promo talk:

After touring the globe for years and captivating audiences all along the way, Maxi Nil (ex-Visions Of Atlantis) and Raphael Saini (ex-Iced Earth) joined forces to hit the road for their very own and brand new musical adventure, to be known as JADED STAR. Exploding with energy, experience and drive, the band's debut album, "Memories From The Future“ ( 2015 / Sensory Records), took the heavy scene by storm and not only brought JADED STAR sharing stages with with acts like Moonspell, Epica, Xandria, Draconian and many more but also building a loyal and worldwide fan base. Mixed and mastered by no one else than Fredrik Nordstrom at the legendary Fredman Studios in Sweden and produced by Maxi Nil herself, this debut transcends from mesmerising verses to explosive choruses and set the remarkable starting point for what JADED STAR is all about. Electrifying vocals by Maxi Nil and the masterful drum work for what Raphael Saini is known for, accompanied by the virtuosic guitar playing of Kosta Vreto and bassist Babis Nikou, established a timeless record of dynamic arrangements and unique song writing that is reminiscent of old-school metal with a modern edge. Now with Jim Rouvell on drums, Dane Constantine on guitars, John Dres on bass and Angelo Vafiadis on keyboards. Recorded and mixed at 133 Studios by Michalis Skarakis.

Female Fronted has already been launched as a single with a video and it’s the perfect introduction for this album as it clearly tells the story of JADED STAR! In case you don’t know: Maxi is also a vocal coach and releases here all her vocal powers. It’s a catchy track with positive vibes.

In case you missed the reason, we have a bit of a word by Maxi:

"I never really understood the term Female Fronted Metal...why should we use the sex of the singer to define a music genre? You see a woman behind the mic, you hear a woman singing...isn't that obvious enough? Our song Female Fronted is an ode to music that is meant to unite and not to divide. Let's put an end on this new trend, sexism doesn't belong in this world, we can all do better than this."

Breathing Fire is a fuelled track with lots of variation, cool electronics mixed with soft heavy metal touches, nice backings and a catchy chorus. Check out the cool clip too:

Feel the pain during A Pain All Mine. The guitars are raging, the synths jump up in between and Maxi sings as loud as she can. Maybe sounds softer in the beginning, even a bit into blues and melancholia. Halfway it gets a bit more blown up with some grandeur. The more you listen to it the more it feels like it has to be on the playlist of any radio. The guitar solo is heavenly, just as the chorus!

Adrian sounds harder and has vocals coming from all sides of the speakers. Children Of Chaos sounds like a perfect live track, with the screams and the nice tempo. There are although a lot of effects on the vocals. Rise Up starts like a mellow / sweet ballad where the vocals go up and down the vocal chords. This song sounds like a perfect single for Christmas! We're The Heroes ( A Song For Us ) could be used by all the nurses and people who keep on working in dangerous surroundings/area’s. I believe it has a huge potential for gigs! The song also rocks in a nice way. Vertigo sounds like a real blast from the start, slows a bit down but gets very fast a good tempo and a great sound! When my daughter hears the “Let it Go” part she wants to scream along as she thinks it’s a new version of the classic Disney song. Last one is a beautiful ballad: Higher Than Love. It’s the perfect track for romantic people and is a great slow with enough variety if you like to show your dance moves as partners!

Tracklist: 01. Female Fronted 02. Breathing Fire 03. A Pain All Mine 04. Maybe 05. Adrian 06. Children Of Chaos 07. Rise Up 08. We're The Heroes ( A Song For Us ) 09. Vertigo 10. Higher Than Love

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