New video from Belgian / American alternative rock / metal duo Hitherside, entitled "Eighteen of Six"!

  Van Muylem    14 oktober 2020

Hitherside turn heads with their infectious Rock/Metal songs that contain impressive guitar riffs, lavish textures and memorable melodies, with big doses of lush harmonies mixed in. They landed an endorsement deal with PreSonus Audio Electronics with the release of their 2012 debut single/video, ‘Insignificant Other’.


PreSonus quotes that:

Hitherside is a radio-ready, Alt-Rock, one-two punch that explores the dichotomy of heavy guitars paired with female vocals. The result is intense, emotional and highly listenable music”

About the video:

Eighteen of Six” is an emotional song to Jennifer’s dying father and about her inability to be with him during the Coronavirus pandemic. Tragically, he passed away on her birthday.

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