New single for post-wave band korinthians (from Belgium)!

  Van Muylem    19 november 2020

KORINTHIANS (BE) is a post-wave band inspired by the music of artists such as Goose, Mogwai, The Soft Moon, Girls In Hawaii, Boytronic and Igor Strawinsky, blending 90s anger with 80s melancholy, darkwave with new romantics, indie with electronics.

KORINTHIANS has produced the Olympus EP [2016], the AWWW 7” [2017] and released a full album in December 2019 called Chaos Control (production by Koenraad Foesters, distribution by Wool-E Discs). 

KORINTHIANS is Mattias De Backer (guitar/vocals), Ruben Masson (bass/moog), Jeroen Weckhuyzen (synths/vocals) and Kenny Voet (drums/samples).