Frau Fleischer presents their first track: Sacrifice!

  Van Muylem    20 december 2020

Covid-19, lockdown and other restictions ... For some it means more time for beiing creative and thus was Frau Fleischer born!

Frau Fleischer is a new French Industrial Metal band born in 2020 at the end of the sanitary confinement. Gabriel Daimon, singer, performer, actor, transformist, a real creature just arrived in France few months ago, with lot of experience in many bands from his native Italy. Greg Lambert, guitarist, graduated with first class honors from the Music Academy International of Nancy, guitarist for Misanthrope & Zuul Fx (2 Japanese tours and a gig during the famous Hellfest with Zuul Fx, on the Exoconference of and with Alexandre Astier, and creator of the solo project NotheistFranz Schultz, singer, but also in charge of all electronics part of this project, member of the band Schultz, the duo Vdrey feat.Schultz, the electro clash band The Trash Gentlemen and the experimental project Furniker,he has a strong experience of the music (more than 15 albums and 100 dates all over the world).

It was after long discussions and a few drinks of alcohol that this project was born ...

Vdrey put Greg in touch with Franz, Gabriel presented by mutual friends, ideas started from all sides and the first track “Sacrifice” was put into gestation….

From a trio, the project begins to evolve into a real collective project with many external contributors, but this is another part of this constantly developing story ... 

This first song sounds a bit like Stin Scatzor, but with clean vocals. I think It might become a loved song if pitched hard enough!

▶︎ Sacrifice | Frau Fleischer (