Mercury Circle (feat. members of Children Of Bodom and Swallow The Sun) releases brand new single + video clip! Available now on Noble Demon Label Sampler!

  Van Muylem    20 december 2020

Following their critically acclaimed debut EP "The Dawn Of Vitriol", released on August 14th via Noble Demon, today MERCURY CIRCLE unleashed a brand new video for the track "Our Funeral (Like Xmas)" (get the single HERE), a song exclusively featured on "Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 1", a brand new label sampler by Noble Demon, celebrating its first anniversary (available HERE)!

Labeled as "a band you need to watch out for in 2021", by Metal Hammer UK, and featuring members of Swallow The Sun and Children Of BodomMERCURY CIRCLE is creating a diverse offering of atmospheric and dark music where the songs differ wildly in expression and sonic aesthetics, establishing their very own kind of "New Doom". While the band is working on their upcoming full length record right now (to be released in early 2021), they felt the need to take a break from the album sessions and to release something different, as Jaani Peuhu explains:

"Although I’m not a fan of Xmas songs, I found myself with the perfect opportunity to write one in the midst of everything going on in the world today. In parts, 2020 felt almost apocalyptic. Sadly, Christmas is the busiest day of the year for police, ambulances and paramedics in Finland and I’m afraid that this year might break all the records of domestic violence and suicide cases because of the pandemic. But since 2020 has already turned so much on its head, there’s hoping this year’s outlook on the holidays could prove me positively wrong. Compared to the heavy and dark sound of upcoming debut album, "Our Funeral (Like Xmas)" is the most uplifting song we have ever created. We wanted to take a groovier and happier approach to the music while the lyrics stayed on the gloomier side. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy Holidays!
- Jaani, Jussi, Ande, Jaska and Juppe


"Our Funeral (Like Xmas)" is exclusively featured on "Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 1", the brand new label sampler by Noble Demon, celebrating its first anniversary!

In probably the most darkest year in the history of music business, the new and dedicated record label for all that is heavy has proven that they came to stay. in its first year of existence. Surprising the metal world with a first sign of life of Finnish melancholic metal band DAWN OF SOLACE (fronted by Wolfheart-phenom Tuomas Saukkonen) after almost 14 years, Noble Demon has released the first single of the following album WAVES in November 2019.

The German label specializing in heavy rock and metal continued to show its variety of taste and an ever growing, eclectic artist roster with constantly new signings in the genres of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Heavy Rock, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Sludge, Modern Melodic Metal up to Melancholic Metal and Darkwave. New top notch studio albums saw the light of day by artists from all over the world such as Kaunis KuolematonMercury CircleJaded StarGomorraNight CrownedHumavoidNo RazaTulkasRed Moon ArchitectThe ViceS.O.R.M and Plaguestorm.

Critically acclaimed by both fans and the press, the label is convinced that it’s heading in the right direction and will surprise the scene with many more upcoming, outstanding releases in 2021 which will also include several brand new signings to the already exquisite roster!

To celebrate its first birthday together with their growing and loyal fanbase, Noble Demon has just released an exciting label compilation on December 18th to end the year in sinister style.

"Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 1" is showcasing the decent variety of metal styles the label is currently covering uniting the Noble Demon roster family under their black X-mas tree. Cover artwork is contributed by renowned designer Gyula Havancsák (Accept, Sabaton, Ensiferum, Grave Digger, Wintersun, Annihilator and many more) who‘s also responsible for the Noble Demon label logo and Gomorra’s album cover artwork.

1. Dawn of Solace – Lead Wings
2. Night Crowned – Reborn
3. No Raza – Sail In Rot
4. Gomorra – Gomorra
5. The Vice – To Each His Own
6. Mercury Circle – The Beauty Of Agony
7. Humavoid – Aluminum Rain
8. Tulkas – OGC
9. Red Moon Architect – Rise
10. Jaded Star – Female Fronted
11. Kaunis Kuolematon – Kylmä Maa
12. S.O.R.M – Gypsy Queen (re-recorded)
13. Plaguestorm – Fire Within
14. Dawn of Solace - Numb (Live Cabin Version)
15. No Raza – Reborn
16. Gomorra – Hope For The Righteous
17. The Vice – White Teeth Rebellion
18. Humavoid – Lidless
19. Tulkas – The Beginning Of The end
20. Red Moon Architect – Dethrone The Darkness
21. Jaded Star – A Pain All Mine
22. Kaunis Kuolematon – Hautajaiset
23. S.O.R.M – House Of The Rising Sun
24. Plaguestorm - The Bringers Of Death
25. Mercury Circle – Our Funeral (Like Xmas)

Noble Demon would like to thank all their artists, partners, fans and friends for their support and trust and is wishing everyone a healthy and relaxed year’s end and a successful and more joyful 2021!


Jaani Peuhu - Vocals, Guitars, Synths (Iconcrash, Swallow the Sun, Hallatar)

Jussi Hämäläinen - Guitars, Synths, Backing vocals (Hanging Garden, The Chant)

Juppe Sutela - Guitars (To/Die/For)

Ande Kiiski - Bass (Sleep of Monsters, Rytmihäiriö)

Jaska Raatikainen - Drums (Children of Bodom)

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