German synth pop act Elektrostaub signs to Alfa Matrix & releases brand new EP feat. Henrik Iversen (Namnambulu) + full back catalogue available again

  Van Muylem    21 december 2020

Over 3 years after the release of his successful debut album “Birthday And Death”, German synth pop act Elektrostaub is back with a brand new EP, “Wake Up” (out now on SpotifyBandcamp etc.) and announces the release of his second album “Reliance” in 2021 on his new label Alfa Matrix.

For the new EP - out now on all platforms - Patrick Knoch was joined by Henrik Iversen (Namnambulu). A second A-side song is also added to this EP with the harder and darker EBM song “Futurism” featuring the vocals of Norderney’s frontman Jan Dieckmann

The EP features in total 11 songs, offering 9 bonus remixes going from moody synth pop to upbeat electro dance through EBM and modern electro wave remakes by artists in the likes of Aiboforcen, The Second Sight, Aesthetische, Culture Kultür, Digital Factor vs Margaret Street, Versus, DJ Thommy, Nordic and DMT Berzerk

Back catalogue re-released

For the occasion of the signing of the German act ELlektrostaub on the Belgian Alfa Matrix label, the complete back-catalogue was also re-released. 

“Birthday And Death”

Originally released on 17th November 2017, “Birthday And Death” is the first album of Elektrostaub that was then much anticipated thanks to the resonant success of the two previous club hit singles “Also Without You” featuring Anne Goldacker (ex-Obscyre, Wintry) and especially “Unforgotten” featuring a collaboration with Namnambulu’s frontman Henrik Iversen. 

This 13-track debut album also includes 5 songs made together with his long-term friends of !Distain but also a second song “Prediction” together with Henrik Iversen as well as additional guest vocal collaborations with artists like The Eternal Afflict, Datasushi or yet Roberto Lindner.


"Unforgotten" (feat. Henrik Iversen) EP

Originally released on 21st July 2017, “Unforgotten” is the debut single of ELlektrostaub and features guest vocals by singer Henrik Iversen (from Namnambulu fame). The EP holds some 12 various versions of the song.


"Also Without You" (feat. Anne Goldacker) EP

Originally released on 22nd September 2017, “Also Without You” is the second single of Elektrostaub and features guest vocals by female singer Anne Goldacker (ex-Obscyre, Wintry). The EP holds some 13 various versions of the song.


"Funeral Of Love" EP

Originally released on 16th February 2018, “Funeral Of Love” is the third single of Elektrostaub taken from the debut album “Birthday And Death”. It reveals this time a harder side of Elektrostaub closer to EBM and perfectly matching with the powerful vox of Ruined Conflict’s frontman Xavier Morales. 

This track was also sung in Spanish by Nordika’s singer offering a more synth pop dimension to this very melodic song.   

Besides 5 other versions / remixes of the title song, this EP also features an exclusive remix of the slower and poppy song “2806” featuring vocals by !Distain and Seyhan.


"Birthday And Death" (feat. !Distain) EP

Originally released on 1st June 2018, “Birthday And Death” was the 4th and last single to be released from Elektrostaub’s same titled debut album. The EP features !Distain on vocals. The EP holds some 11 various versions of the song.