Skinsitive announces 3rd album: "Accidents" (out in february 2021) and launches first track with clip: Mon Grand Chien Noir!

  Van Muylem    23 december 2020

SKINSITIVE is a French band and launched already 2 albums in the past: Her(tz)oÏn (2012) and Some Bodies (2015). Accidents is the last one of a trilogy. All the songs are part of an accident or accidents (as sometimes, the beginning of a love story ends up as a mourning) as that is the main story of the new album. The new album is also about emotions around these accidents, so the music is built up in the same way: a introspective album, with emotional tracks but also rocking moments, because SKINSITIVE will still have a punk and angry soul

All the songs in this new album are written in French (this time). I loved the previous 2 albums and can't wait to hear the new one.

If you want you can still help this artist on their campaign (just click on the link):

Skinsitive "Accidents" (3e album) - Ulule

As I was very curious I asked some questions before launching the article and here is the response:

"There are gonna be heavy riffs , but the album is about accidents in relationships , life etc. Things you didn’t plan. And the beauty of it, even when it s sometimes gets painful.The lyrics are the most important stuffs and getting into my native langage is a way to speak the truth and only the truth. No protection or safe belt. The single « Mon grand chien noir » is about dealing with your demon no matter what. The more you deal with accidents the more you learn about you."

The album has been recorded in the Clem X studio (Shaârghot), where the mixing will be done. These are the artists who participated in this project:

- Virginia B. Fernson (lead, composition, lyrics)   

 - Wince Lawson (basse) + Gabriel Redon (guest bass)
- Brouff (guitar)
- Axel Chemla (synths, arrangements)
- Clem X (sound and studio ingeneer)
- Olivier Hurtu (drums and percussions)
- Samantha Mosca (backings) + Etienne Bianchi (guest vocals)
- Arco Trauma (mastering)
- Lynn SK (pictures)
- Lea Gregoire et Lila Hervy (artwork)