Mercury Circle - The Dawn of Vitriol (Noble Demon (Digital) and The Vinyl Division (LP + CD))

  Van Muylem    5 januari 2021

I missed the launch of their EP last summer, but the label sampler made me (yup: based on what I got) want to get the EP and the label owner was s o kind to resend it to me. MERCURY CIRCLE is the brand new project by ICONCRASH's and SWALLOW THE SUN’sJaani Peuhu. You can describe them as: dark metal infused with powerful synth/electro waves and doom.

Oil Of Vitriol sounds like a mysterious intro where the guitars sounds like the beginning of the end. Don’t expect any vocals (just some whispering). The first real song comes with the dark and melancholic track called: The Beauty Of Agony. I’m a fan of the vocalist (Jaani Peuhu) and the sadness that sounds like real. You feel a bit of the rage once the emotional outburst is there. It’s clearly the kind of song that is my cup of tea! Black Flags could be a song about COVID-19 and all that happens as a result of the outbreak, just read the lyrics. I hear a lot of electronics, mixed with some doom. The sadness and the darkness gives it a nice mix of Anathema versus Steven Wilson (I’m a fan of both). The strings in the end nailed it! The Last Fall is more of the same (high level). New Dawn is already the last track. The song has a sad and fragile touch. Be ready to shed a tear. Read the lyrics and dive into the story, but make sure you have a saviour at the end of the song.

Now that Anathema is on hold (and maybe for like forever), I’m sure I have found my new favourite emo metal band! I really adore the darkness, sadness and the songcrafting as in the end it feels like making a depression even bigger and more dangerous. This EP is not for depressed people, but I love it! Thank you Noble Demon!