KIRLIAN CAMERA - The 8th President (Dependent Records)

  Van Muylem    24 januari 2021

KIRLIAN CAMERA present the single 'The 8th President' as the first delicious appetiser taken from their forthcoming double album "Cold Pills". The subversive Italians remain true to their course of melancholic electronics as on the highly acclaimed latest album "Hologram Moon". The meticulous song writing and striking arrangement of the single elegantly demonstrates how this duo has mastered its musical craft with the wealth of experience of more than 30 years.

Yet the title track of the single 'The 8th President' also hints at a slight change of direction for KIRLIAN CAMERA: Elena Alice Fossi's soaring vocals float with captivating ease over a beckoning abyss of sinister electronics.

The 8th President starts with a roaring sound and some electronics, slowly building up the tension. Elena slowly ads her voice, softly, like as if she wants to haunt you. I can spot some fragility, but also some pathos. Once they launch the male vocals we get some kind of aggressive feeling (a bit like in the last week of Trumps reign over the USA). Phoenix Aliena (Italian Version) renders her native language and gives it a warm touch. The music is soft but has a good tempo. It’s a beauty! More into dreaming and fading out is Golden Carousel. Once half way the song we hear Elena sing pretty high tones rendering the fragility of the song.

Available formats
'The 8th President' will be released as a black and grey, four-sided Digipak CD and as a 12" vinyl single limited to 300 black and 200 gold coloured copies. 

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