We present you: The Ultimate Dreamers!

  Van Muylem    1 maart 2021

The Ultimate Dreamers were a Belgian cold wave band active in 1986-1990. Fred Cotton (known from the Fantastique.Nights gigs & the Club New Wave parties) started cleaning out his house and found back some old material. Pretty fast an idea came and soon we'll hear some of the music on Dans Les Profondeurs / Wool-E Discs.

This was the first of the fresh launches. I must be honest: the vocals are not top, but I wouldn't be able to do better as my type of vocals is more Siglo XX minded and I only sing in the car or when I'm alone. Well, it's a cold wave song with clear roots in the 80's. It wouldn't be bad to re-record it with modern material on work on getting the right vocal tone.

More recently they relaunched this one (it's still raw and unmastered):

You can hear Fred is a French native speaker, but this time he sings in the right way and the music is already a bit better. Yet it's very clear coming from the 80's with influences from various bands. Next to the obvious ones I would love to add Red Zebra (just listen to the guitar and the drums). 

Well It's not bad for a demo band that I have never seen on stage. But if I can drop them in a list of demo bands and bands that stilll have to make it I would say they are better then Erato anno 2021 (but no match at all with Erato anno 1995) and better then Lizard Smile. The last song matches De Volanges, but the first one is lesser. It was clearly a hobby and Fred Cotton is a really good organizer for parties and festivals. It's good to see he tried it too and thus knows from first hand how hard it is to get a good spot on stage and a good sound!