Too Dead To Die New Video 'Season of Rains' taken from the album "Tropical Gothic"

  Van Muylem    7 maart 2021

This official music video marks the last chapter and an end of an era of the second album "Tropical Gothic", "this song is about good things that come to an end. Soon or late. Even hot tropical weather doesn't last forever - there is always a season of rains in between. But there is also something good about it because rain makes everything cleaner," tells the Too Dead To Die mastermind.  Many years after the debut "Murder On The Dancefloor" Too Dead To Die returned in 2020 with the new album "Tropical Gothic" to unify the traits of the acclaimed debut with the new way of expression with a Caribbean flair to the classic Too Dead To Die sound. 

The music video has two storylines - the present (cold blue colors) and the past (warm yellow colors), “I wanted to give it some weird aesthetic of movies from 80s-90s-00s. so you will have some questions in your head. The main character girl decided to erase her memories about the guy she loved. She ordered a special device - a trained snake that is supposed to go in her body and poison your heart and brain,” describes the Too Dead To Die leader the storylines more detailed, "she is using a special cage on her body, so the snake goes nowhere else but inside. When the procedure is done, we see her in the bathroom with some flashbacks." 

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