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Rockshots Records News: VICTORIA K: New Video 'Matrix' + New Album 'Essentia' out since Friday April 24th 2020.....!!!

  Van Muylem    26 april 2020

Australia's Victoria K has unleashed her debut album "Essentia", out now via Rockshots Records. The full length was produced by Lee Bradshaw and features special guest Michalina Malisz (Eluveitie). In celebration of the album's release, Vi...

October Changes launches single and clip: Decay of Sleeping Beauty as an Independent Release.

  Van Muylem    26 april 2020

October Changes is a band from Belgium and brings an eclectic blend of symphonic, industrial and gothic metal, fused together with some electronic influences.  The female vocalist delivers vocals that go from clean, more classic inspired to more powerful dark vocals. The result is a unique a...

Axxis - Virus Of A Modern Time (Phonotraxx Publishing)

 Ina Martin    25 april 2020

If there is one thing I can't resist, it is strong hooks and melodies, and unique vocals. And Axxis never, ever disappoint when it comes to all these aspects. Their new EP Virus Of A Modern Time is no exception. With every album they keep reaching new heights, and this is Axxis at their very ...

TRICK OR TREAT - The Legend of the XII Saints (Scarlet Records)

  Van Muylem    25 april 2020

12 Epic songs for 12 legendary knights, one for every zodiac's sign! This time, Trick or Treat were looking for something new and different, something that they have never done before: a concept-album freely inspired by the ‘Saint Seya’ anime, and more precisely The Legend of the ...

Draconian announces new album and unveils details!

  Van Muylem    23 april 2020

One of our greatest doom metal bands has great news! 

Sibyl Vane – Duchess (self-released)

  Van Muylem    22 april 2020

Sibyl Vane is a female fronted alternative rock band from Estonia who released their debut album Love, Holy Water & TV in 2012 under Latvian most successful indie label I Love You Records. After that they played almost 200 shows mainly in Baltics, Finland and Sweden from small clubs to main f...

Howlin’ Anton Bleak – Stranger Country (ScreamLite Records)

  Van Muylem    20 april 2020

I met Anton for the first time when he was hanging out with 7th Harmonic and later on with Sol Invictus (as member of the live band). In 2016 I reviewed the last Bleak album and now he comes with a solo album and it’s all about seminal death Blues! ScreamLite Records will release the album ...

Balance Breach releases new single ‘Dead End Diaries’ taken off the Album 'Dead End Diaries'

  Van Muylem    18 april 2020

The Finnish Tuska Open Air’s band competition winners, Balance Breach, unleash the second single ‘Dead End Diaries’ taken off their upcoming eponymous debut album, out on July 3rd, 2020.

Ashley Dayour brings a John Lennon cover for charity!

  Van Muylem    17 april 2020

Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow / The Devil & The Universe) brings us a John Lennon cover. It's no accident: the song is called Isolation and all money goes to charity! It's a great and dramatic feeling alike version, with a touch of David Bowie in it! Share the music, not the v...

Red Zebra - Songs And Stripes (1980 – 2020) (Bandcamp)

 Silke D    14 april 2020

40 years of Red Zebra and a new best of! There is one new track and there are 3 new live performances (taken from a live gig in their original hometown Bruges, last year). Die hard fans already have all the songs (except the new track and the new live performances), but as a fan of this band and ...


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