Interview met Eyefear

  Tom V    23 maart 2013

"AustraliΓ«. Niet alleen een land waar ik al jaren naartoe wil maar ook het land waar Eyefear vandaan komt. Heel wat progressieve groepen zijn ginds ontstaan (Arcane, Voyager, Karnivool, ...), zo ook Eyefear. Met hun nieuwste album The Inception Of Darkness willen ze nogmaals tonen hoe stevig ze wel zijn..." Zo begon ik hun review enige tijd terug. De groep die me enorm veraste met hun nieuwe album heeft ons zonet wat meer uitleg gegeven over bepaalde zaken. Lees het Engelstalige interview hieronder.

We had to wait 4 years until the band released new materials. Could you explain what you have did during the 4 past years?Well, firstly we had to find a new label. Our previous label Dockyard went under owing us a lot of money which we will never see and left us in a very difficult situation. We had a few shows organized in Europe which we had to cancel as well. Motivation was very low !!! Along came Rockstar Records here in Australia and put a proposal forward which we couldn't refuse. I guess if it wasn't for them who knows. The other reason was I started building my own little home studio so that took a little time as well but saved us a lot of time and money because we did all the preproduction and final production here at home with no time and money constraints.

We call your music 'animated metal' (or metal that won't get boring). Do you agree with that term or not?
For sure. We have a lot of different elements in our music I believe which represent lots of different sound scapes. With this album we took it even further and not only added Death metal and female vocals but even Black and Death metal elements in the music as well.

How would you describe your band?
Epic, Melodic, Dark, Heavy, Cinematic Power Metal !!!!

We had the possibility to enjoy the 3 orchestra numbers on your special edition. Why did you put those in it? Special meaning or just to show you can do more than the standard?
The Inception Of Darkness has some amazing string arrangements in the songs so we wanted to give people the opportunity to listen to the tracks in a different way without all the chaos !!! Personally I am very proud of those tracks they share a different light and give the listener something different in my opinion instead of just another normal bonus track.

Could you tell our readers what the core is of the whole album?

In a word DARKNESS ! The whole album is very dark and gloomy and has something there for everyone from every genre. While writing the music for this album I was really inspired by bands like Emeperor, Dimmu Borgir Dark Funeral just to name a few. Not so much their actual playing but more the feel they create in there music.

What are the most important topics to deal out in your lyrics?
Their are lots of topics we deal with in our lyrics. Self belief, Sorrow, UFO's, fantasy, heaven and hell and of course the devil \m/ lol

Does the stairs on the cover has a special meaning? Linked to a specific track?
No not really the cover is basicly about searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Are you satisfied with the reactions on your latest album 'The Inception Of Darkness'?
The reactions have been fantastic. The best by far for any of our releases. Of course you will get some average reviews not everybody will like it but by far our most successful in terms of reactions which is what as a musician you always strive for. To better yourself from release to release.
If I would give your band 1 million dollar, what would you do?
Finally get over to Europe and do all the major festivals and a very extensive tour all over the world with King Diamond !!!!! lol

How do you guys see the future?
Well the future is looking bright again. We have realeased an album which is doing really and supported by 2 very good labels Rockstar Records and Limb Music and although we miseed the cut off date for most of the festivals we are getting ever so close to finally get over to Europe to play for you guys. Hopefully the fans will play their part as well because without them the band dies !!!!