Interview met Backtrack (ENG)

  Tom V    12 mei 2014

First of all, welcome to Belgium. Last year you guys played a surprise set at the Groezrock festival. What are your expectations for today’s show, in Belgium?

(About Groezrock) We got added last minute, because we were not on the fest. Comeback Kid was nice enough to let us play, before their set. So we really didn’t have any expectations, because we only found out we were playing like 2h before the set. Throughout the day I saw some bands that were sick, for example TUI (Trapped Under Ice) was sick, The Story So Far was sick. So when we were allowed to play, I was really excited and it went really well, so that’s cool.

And how do you like playing in Belgium?

It’s awesome, tonight’s show was great. Right now I’m really excited about playing Ieperfest this summer.

You guys recently released ‘Lost in Life’, in what way is this album different than your previous ones? Can you guide us through the process of making a Backtrack album? What inspires you to make new songs?

Yeah I think it’s different in the sense that we brought every angle of the band to the next level I think everyone individual did a better job with their instrument and their role in the band. In terms of style, obviously I don’t think we wrote the same songs again. But we’re a NYHC band and obviously we’ll be playing a NYHC style of music. So no matter what kind of music we’re doing, it’ll always be NYHC. We didn’t want to reinvent our style, we just wanted to make a better record then before. The process for making a record is pretty exhausting, we spend a lot of time practicing and recording songs.
And what is that inspires you the most to write new songs, is it your Straight Edge lifestyle or just life in general?
Just life in general I’d say. Just growing up a hardcore kid, and seeing other people grow up and feeling the need to fit in into the world.

Obviously you guys are becoming a solid name in the Hardcore Scene but if there’d happen to be someone who has never heard of Backtrack, what songs would you recommend them?

I’d probably say their rules. That kinda just gives you a vibe, captures our energy. And in a lyrical sense, it captures what the band’s about. Living the life you wanna live it and not following everyone else. That’s what we’re all about

You’ve mentioned it already, you guys adopted the NYHC style pretty well. But what bands in particular inspired you the most to start Backtrack.

Definitely Madball, Outbreak, Breakdown,… But even current bands, like you see Terror and Down To Nothing, Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, King Nine,.. You see bands everyday that get you excited and inspire you to make hardcore music.

What are the main differences between the European and American Hardcore-scene?
Wich scene do you prefer?

Hmmm. I’d say, I could be wrong but Europe seems a little less ‘clickie’ than America.

How do you mean, ‘clickie’?

‘Hey what’s a good way to say clickie’?
-‘I don’t know, niche or something’
‘No I think in America the hardcore scene is more separated.’
I don’t want to say anything bad about American hardcore, cuz I grew up in the American hardcore scene and it’s the best. But it seems Europe is a little more unified. It seems like the European economy is a little better, so it’s easier for promoters to take care of bands and stuff.

You’ve been touring quite heavily the past year, how do you kill the time and would you like to share your craziest tour story?

Usually on tour, we try to play sports. See the cities we’re in. Gamble. Or we just make up stupid games, on this tour we play UNO and the loser has to do something stupid. Last week we were on tour with Stick To Your Guns, I lost and I had a pot of Chilli dumped on me out of a 3 story window. So that was pretty crazy. Then again, on the way to the airport tonight I’m sure something else crazy will happen.

If you could be touring with any bands, dead or alive, what would be the perfect line-up?

How many bands we get to pick?

I’d say 5, Backtrack included.

Definitely Terror, cuz they’re fucking sick and that would be awesome. We love touring with them, we love all those guys.
I would say euhm…. Criminal Instinct, cuz they’re some of my best friends and I love their band.
I love touring with Stray From The Path, they’re a little different and I love seeing them live. And they’re really good friends of mine too.
I’d say maybe we could add Outburst, just because they’re my favorite band ever and it would be cool to see them every night.
And then, euhm, maybe like Title Fight or something. That’s a band that I’m love, that I’m friends with and we’ve never toured with them, so that would be cool.

To close off this interview, I’m going to ask you some ‘one vs another’ questions, you can pick one and why?

Allright man, epic.

Minor Threat vs. Black Flag

Euhm, Minor Threat.
I back their message more, the Straight Edge message you know. And I love their message more. Don’t get me wrong, I love Black Flag but I love Minor Threat more.

Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

Euhm, you just asked me like chemistry, I don’t know anything about either band. I don’t know one song by either band so yeah.. It’s not like I only listen to hardcore, that’s really far from the truth, I like all kinds of music. But I guess I just never really got into either of them.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

STAR WARS DEFINITELY. I grow up with it.

Blastoise vs. Charizard

I don’t really know much about Pokémon. But I used to, when I was younger and Pokémon cards were very popular, I would sell them to kids in school. I was like a, … Pokémon card salesman.
When I was like, 12 I guess. So I think Charizard was the most limited so I’d probably say him, because he would make you the most money.

And is there something else you’d like to share with the world, say to your fans or just talk about in general?

Thanks to anyone that supports us. We fucking appreciate that, check out Lost in Life, we put a lot of hard work into it and we’re really proud about it, so check it out. There’s just so many sick hardcore bands right now, don’t stick in the past. Make sure you don’t sleep in this era of hardcore because there’s a lot of great bands. A lot of people don’t see that.

This was it, thanks for your time. And goodluck with your next tour!

Thank you man, thanks for supporting and checking us out. We love that!