Interview met Shirukume

      3 oktober 2010

Eerder deze maand kregen we de mogelijkheid het nieuwste album van Shirukume te reviewen. Namelijk "Speaking In Colours". Zoals we beloofden ging er deze maand nog een interview van online komen. De band is al een kleine 2 jaar actief en brengt alternatieve metal. Maar vanwaar komt hun naam, hun genre, hun ...

1) Could you tell Snoozecontrol a bit more about your band Shirukume? We’re a progressive hardcore/metal band from the hillside town of Malvern, in the UK. We’re all about unusual riffs, complex time-signature changes, and big choruses!

2) From where comes the name Shirukume?
One of Shirukume’s founding members, and ex-guitarist, Dan, was really into his japenese mythology. The name comes from a Japanese legend – A shirukume is a magic rope! But don’t read into it too much - the name has lost its meaning to us now. We are Shirukume!

3) You describe your genre as Alternative/Metal. So I am sure there will be a lot of bands who have influences on Shirukume?
Yes of course! One can’t help but be influenced by other music. The two obvious bands worth mentioning are The Dillinger Escape Plan, and SikTh – two incredibly innovative bands, and we love them! But aside from them, we all listen to different styles of music, and I like to think that it’s our pretty eclectic, combined music tastes that has shaped our sound.

4) This is your first CD in 2 years. Do you think there will be following much more?
Definitely! We’re already writing new material, and we’re all really excited about how it’s sounding. With any luck, a full length should be on the way next year.


5) Your band is planning a UK and European tour. Did you ever been in Europe before? If yes: where, if no: what’s the reason?
No we havn’t, and we’re stoked to playing there for the first time! So far, we’ve focused on the UK scene - getting our name out there, getting some new fans, and building up our reputation as serious contenders. We feel the time’s right, now ‘Speaking In Colours’ is out, to venture out onto the continent.

6) If you got 1 million dollar for your band, what would you do with it?
Those of us who are still in college would probably leave, we’d write and record a killer CD in a top-notch studio, and tour like hell! What else could we do? We’d use it sensibly, and for the good of the band for sure.

7) Do you want to say something to our readers?
We really appreciate your support, so go check out our music and video at, follow us on facebook and twitter, grab a copy of ‘Speaking In Colours’, and come to some shows and hang out!

Extra question (if you don’t want to answer, don’t do it!): Snoozecontrol is a new webzine. What do you think about this site and all the metal/punk/rock/hardcore related webzines? Big bullshit or good work?
Webzines are great, and Snoozecontrol seems to be no exception! You’ve done some really good reviews [including ours ;)], and we look forward to watching your website grow as you accumulate more and more readers! You provide a great service to bands and fans alike, so keep it up!