Skarlett Riot: let’s make the whole universe know about Skarlett Riot!

  Van Muylem    9 november 2016

I saw Skarlett Riot on Stage in Wieze at the great Metal Female Voices Fest and couldn’t wait to ask them some questions as their gig was a blast, so here we are …

My logic starter: what is the philosophy behind the band’s name? Are you rioting against something?

Haha we actually came up with the band name quite quickly, it just clicked! Skarlett represents the female stamp in the band, and the riot represents the guys! That’s all there is to it, simple but effective!

Why Skarlett with 2 tt’s in the end?

We wanted to make it different, and not relate to the color. Something more unique.

Did you choose on purpose for metal and why not more into punk?

We tend to write whatever comes out, we don’t label ourselves into one specific genre. We get told we are rock, pop, metal, punk. We love all these genres. We are all into different styles of music, which I think shows in our song writing!

How did you all meet up?

Dan (guitar) & Luke (Drums) are brothers, I met Dan at School, and Martin joined SR two years ago, we met him on the local gigging circuit a fair few years back!

Can you tell us how much of a metal scene is the UK about nowadays?

I’d say there’s a good call for metal in the UK. A lot of Metal bands are selling out academies and arenas over here!

It might be harder for artists from the UK to tour outside of the UK once the Brexit has been worked out, how do you feel about it and do you also feel that the Brexit purged some evil feelings towards outsiders/strangers?

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Do you get much airplay and time on the TV or is it just like in our country: only those with a record company or agent handing over money to get airplay and screen time?

We do well with TV and airplay within the UK. Scuzz TV, BBC and Johnny Doom at Kerrang! Radio have been very supportive of us along with plenty of smaller radio stations across the country.

You released an EP, the press was much impressed (just like me), next step a second CD?

Haha yes, we‘re working on our next release already.. we’ve already started writing again!

A good band needs a good singer, I must say I’m really impressed here; feels like bigger bands could pass by for a headhunt?

Well thank you! I really appreciate the compliment! We won’t stop til’ we reach the top!

Special question for Skarlett: what are your tattoo’s about? How much tattoo’s do you have?

I have around 7 tattoos, my main ones include: a music note on my back, a girl with a compass on my leg which represents the journey and experiences I’ve made in band and Daenerys from Game of Thrones on my arm.

you just played at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium, how was it? What makes this festival so different from all the others?

It was amazing! The response we got was out of this world, we spent a good 4 hours signing and meeting new fans after the show! Everyone was so friendly and up for a good time. The festival attracts a variety of age groups, which I think is great. Plenty of people into different styles of music !

Imagine that you could invite people on stage (happens often at MFVF), who would you invite from the current line-up? If It would be like just calling up on stage?

That’s a hard question as there’s so many great singers on the bill! I’d love to sing with Liv Kristine though!

I can imagine that some people figure on your own list for a meet and great, who would that be and what would be your first question?

I’d love to meet Joan Jett ! I’d definitely ask her for a photo first ha! I’d love to hear her experiences in The Runaways all the way to The Blackhearts.

Do you have a team for your videos, they are pretty cool!

We’ve used the same guys since day 1 ! They’re a great bunch of guys who get better and better with each video!

Are you still looking for a (big)record company or do you intend to do it all by yourselves and be a standalone band?

We have a few options for our next release, at the moment we are keeping our options open but watch this space!

What are your goals/dreams for the future?

To take over the world with our music! We would love to visit the USA and tour more of Europe, let’s make the whole universe know about Skarlett Riot!

Thank you for the great time!

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Pictures by Filip Van Muylem