Interview: Dust Bolt ''Let's say we go more in direction of bands like Obituary at the new record. Real heavy stuff.''

  Erik Vandamme    24 juli 2018

'' Dust Bolt zorgt, door middel van een wervelende show, dan ook voor één van de hoogtepunten op de eerste festival dag. En dan hebben we het dus zowel over de instrumentale als vocale aankleding die ons met verstomming slaat, als de enorm spontane manier waarop alles gebeurt.'' schreven we over het aantreden van Dust Bolt op Antwerp Metal Fest. Het voledige verslag kunnen jullie hiernog eens nalezen. Voor dat optreden van de band hadden we een fijn gesprek met frontman Lenny Breuss.

Dust Bolt is on the road since 2007. Some people might not know you, tell something more about the band?

We started this band when we were only 14 years old, right from school. After 2 years the band had the chance to play in front of Sepultura and since than we grew. We are working on our forth album now. Still the same guys. Nico, Flo, Bene and I are friends for life and we have this baby called Dust Bolt .

You guys have been on stage with great bands from the scene. Are there any gigs that you will never forget?

We’ve been very lucky to play with great bands, awesome musicians like the guys of Obituary and Sepultura for example. All great bands and great humans too! We saw a lot wonderful countries, met great people out there. Yes, we are very lucky for the opportunities we had so far.

Today you play at Antwerp Metal Festival. Did you ever heard about the festival before? Is this festival well know in your country?

We knew about this festival from the internet, of course. We also played with Toxic Shock before. They told us about the festival. They told us about the wonderful atmosphere here. The Festival is not directly well known in our country, but more and more people hear or read about it. It's a nice festival with great bands. We are happy to be here.

Maybe you have seen the line-up. There are a lot Belgium bands today. Do you know any of them? Bark, Serial Butcher? Are they well know in you country anyway?

There are some bands I heard of before. Toxic Shock, we played with them . And there are some others too. Most of the bands on this line-up are not that well know in our Country. In Germany younger bands might get more feedback I think, than here. But there´s just so many bands out there these days it´s hard to catch up with everything. I think it´s time for some "old" bands to create some space and let the new generation do their thing.

Next to small festivals, you had been playing on big festivals to in the past. Is there any difference?

I prefer small festivals. You get to know the people, talk with everyone and get to know the other bands who play at the festival. It's all more friendly. At big festivals you have to follow the program. Of course it's pretty cool to play at a big festival, for a big crowd of people. Like Hellfest, great festival to. But at small festivals you feel a little bit more comfortable because you very close to the audience, other bands and organization.

Is there a difference between the audience at big or small festivals?

At small festivals you are closer to the people, which I love. You can connect with the audience easier, you see their faces and their reactions. What people sometimes forget - the audience is a part of the show. We all share that one moment together and the audience is somehow even able to tell the artist what to do. That´s way harder at big festival, when there´s barriers and 10 meters between you and the crowd.

The reason for this interview is the new album coming up. When is that, tell some more about it please?

Well we´ve just been in the studio the day before yesterday, and now we continue this tour. And the new album will come out next year January with a tour to follow.

I hear much pain, confusion and anger (in a way) in the songs on that album. Where does that anger and confusion come from?

That's a good question. Music is always been a way to express my emotions. Anger, pain and confusion is just a part of this. Why we scream our words, is just a expression of what we feel about what happened in the world, its about good and bad things. Life isn´t easy, its a up and down. Our music is our life road, our way how we feel and life. Its the expression of it.

Is there a difference between this new record and the last one ''Mass Confusion'' in music and other ways?

Difficult to say. It's going to be the most heavy one I think. The last one was more punk and thrash, this one is more melodic. Let's say we go more in direction of bands like Obituary at the new record. Real heavy stuff.

In the past there where theme like war, politics and things. Is there a theme on this new one to?

Not at this one. This one is more about personal stuff. At this one I feel more comfortable, and wanted to have it about all kind of my personal things( lyricwise). I like the video of the old blues songs, the one man against the world theme and put it into some kind of story telling. I think that´s what I tried for this one.

This is your fourth album, released on Napalm records. Do you still remember how did they caught Dust Bolt into their roster?

We had a friend of ours who supported our band. We where play at a local metal festival in 2011. We were lucky that a guy from Napalm records was there. He was looking for young bands, and he saw us on stage. So this is how it all started.

How is the metal scene where you live these days?

Yes there is a lot good bands come from Munich and that area. So yes, there is a great metal scene in the south of Germany too. There great thrash metal bands . Shout out to our friends in Battlecreek,Antipeewee , Toxic Waltz and Mynded .

These days it's difficult to record and sell CD's. People download. What is your opinion about that?

Personally I prefer to buy the cd. You know, for bands it´s a lot of work to put a album together. Its blood sweat and tears…i tell you, hahaha. I understand that everybody consuming music in a different way these days and that not everyone can afford to buy cd’s or Vinyls. But I think if you download music and drown it away, it's pity for the band. Of course to get to know a band, all that download and streaming services are great. But for me personal I prefer the real stuff after all, CD or Vinyl.

If you look in the past are there any things you would do different, knowing what you know now?

Yes and no. But I think that's normal. When I listen to our other records there is always something I think, …shit I should have done this different. But after all you learned from your so called mistakes in the past. But It 's pretty normal I think that you would do things in a other way, if you know what you know now.

Next to this new album, any future plans. Going on tour around the world, next to the festivals?

We would love to go to Asia, let’s see what comes up. We love to play live and have a great time with friends and fans…

Is there any 'end goal' like they say? Something you want to be in let's say 20 years?

I prefer to live now, I never look that much far away in the future. When I see where we’ve been 5 years ago and where we are now? That's a big step forward. We just continue in what we´re doing and continue to work hard. That´s all what it´s about for me.

It's not that you want to become 'the next Metallica'?

No, we want to go our way. We just keep doing what we really want. We like just keep doing what we want to do. That's more important for us. We are on a stage together for about 12 years now. We are friends since school times. That's the most important thing. I don´t need to play arenas to be happy. I just wanna play music with my friends.

I'm out of my questions I think. Do you have any message to our readers?

Well we they´ll enjoy our next album coming out next year. It's really going to be a different album. The next step forward, much different than we did before. You going to be surprised.

Thanks for this nice interview, hope to see you guys soon on stage. And good luck with the new album.

Thank you for your time and support!