Ultra Sunn talks about their music and will be delighted if Radio Willy would play one of their songs!

  Van Muylem    29 april 2022

ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary band from Brussels. They formed in 2019, and launched their first track called Night Is Mine. Their debut EP, released on March 2021, contains four tracks including a remix by the Berlin DJ Sarin. After having met a great success, this first EP was ...

Worlds Beyond: alles wat je over hen wou weten in een interview en tijd voor wat meer promotie en actie!

  Van Muylem    9 maart 2022

Soms ontglipt een band je. Hun album is al een tijdje uit. Zonder het bericht van Hard Life Promotion dat deze band zou aansluiten bij Necktwister om zo aan meer optredens te geraken had ik allicht hun eersteling gewoon aan me laten voorbijgaan. Hierbij zie je dus het nut van een goede PR ma...

20 jaar PSY'AVIAH: interview met Yves Schelpe! + 2 x2 vragen aan IC 434 & Implant!

  Van Muylem    2 april 2022

20 jaar en 10 albums, waarbij het laatste een driedubbel album is geworden waarbij een hele rits artiesten aan meewerkten: dat verdient wat extra aandacht! Een Belg die zowat de hele wereld betrokken heeft bij zijn muziek en teksten schrijft die zijn betrokkenheid bij de wereld nog meer onderschr...

A very disorientating interview with the trio from Belgium who named their band Disorientations.

  Van Muylem    8 februari 2022

I reviewed their album, loved it and decided to send out some questions. This all happened in the week of Belgium music (as - ahum - they are from Belgium). Not all questions made it, but it seems like the band had some fun answering them. 

Tara Nome Doyle talks about her new album called: Værmin!

  Van Muylem    4 februari 2022

Norwegian-Irish singer and songwriter Tara Nome Doyle released her new album. This new album was produced by Simon Goff, the Grammy-award winning producer (for Hildur Guðnadóttir's Chernobyl soundtrack). Tobias Humble (Gang Of Four, Ghostpoet), Anne Müller (Nils Frahm, Agnes O...

Eyemèr talks about the new music, the non-binary community and much more!

  Van Muylem    5 november 2021

Every now and then I get moved and deeply touched by the stories behind the artist. A very good clip helped me digging deeper. As I have a very wide range of friends from all places and all genders: I knowledge their pain and their strugles. This interview can be seen as helping pe...

Partikul: about the past present and future!

  Van Muylem    4 november 2021

I saw Partikul (an electro/guitar duo from Brussels) on stage during their album presentation, reviewed it and loved it! Time to hear them out about their history and about the new album!

MERCURY CIRCLE (feat. members of Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun): more about their new album, background and future plans!

  Van Muylem    22 september 2021

I adore their first EP and was looking forward to hear their first album: they didn't dissappoint me! It's a slow grower but once you are into the setting and the mood of the album you can't get out of it and just listen to it endlesly! I love melancholic music with a bluesy and dark ...

Interview: discover the story of The Ultimate Dreamers!

  Van Muylem    19 september 2021

The Ultimate Dreamers are a post-punk / cold wave band from Brussels who worked on some demo’s between 1986 and 1990. They got revamped and remastered. On the 01/10/2021 you will be able to buy a physical copy via Wool-E Discs / Dans les Profondeurs as a vinyl, CD. You will also be able to ...

Saeko talks about her new album, coming to Germany and work out her dream!

  Van Muylem    10 augustus 2021

Saeko is back and how: launching a new album after finally settling in Europe and working hard to get the dream all worked out (despite COVID-19). It must have been hard, so we decided to give Saeko a little push in the back with this interview and give you all a chance to get to know her and dis...