Steven Tyler weigert samenwerking met Led Zeppelin

      23 januari 2011

Jimmy Page heeft recent gevraagd aan Steven Tyler om samen met Led Zeppelin een CD op te nemen. Helaas voor Jimmy heeft Steven dit geweigerd. In een interview hieronder lees je de reden.

Stern: Did you audition for Led Zeppelin?
Tyler: Ya, I went over there and played with them.

Stern: But doesn’t that piss off Joe when you’re gonna leave Aerosmith and go be with Led Zeppelin?
Tyler: Of course it does. No, I spoke to Jimmy – actually, I spoke with his manager Peter Mensch, who’s been a good friend of mine forever, gave him his first job. And he said that they’d just played live and Robert wouldn’t play with them again, and ‘wanna come over and jam with the guys?’ I went ‘Hello!?!’ So, I went over and played.

So, look at me now: not only did I sing to McCartney, but I played with Zeppelin. So, I’m in heaven.

And, by the way, when I looked Jimmy in the eyes and it came time to...'you wanna write a record with me?’ I went, ‘No'

Stern: To Jimmy Page? Why not?
Tyler: Because I’m in Aerosmith. He’s the biggest band in the world and so am I in a band like that. I have such an allegiance to my band and I love it so much.