Senses Fail vervangt gitarist

      22 januari 2011

Senses Fail liet weten dat Garret Zablocki niet meer langer bij hun zal spelen. De gitarist zal vervangen door Matt Smith (Strike Anywhere). Senses Fail zal met hun nieuwe gitarist ook aanwezig op Groezrock 2011.

Hieronder valt het statement van de frontman Buddy Nielsen en van ex-gitarist Garrett Zablocki.

Buddy Nielsen:

"Unfortunately Garrett has decided to leave Senses Fail after almost ten years. We are sad to see him go but wish him luck in whatever he plans to do in the future. We will of course continue on as a band touring and making music. We are excited to say that Matt Smith from Strike Anywhere will be stepping up to fill Garrett’s role and we’re very excited to start working on new music as soon as possible."

Garrett Zablocki:

"After nearly a decade of being a founder and member of Senses Fail, I’ve decided leave the band to attend college full time. I will still be playing music on the side, but I will no longer be doing it full time. I never thought playing guitar and writing songs in my basement would bring us to stages around the world, five albums recorded and experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The stories I can tell over a beer with a friend are endless because of what we accomplished through the years. I wish Buddy, Dan (Trapp) and Jason (Black) the best of luck as they continue Senses Fail on into the future."