Dream Theater heeft nieuwe drummer

      10 december 2010

De gitarist, John Petrucce, van Dream Theater heeft in een statement laten weten dat ze een nieuwe drummer hebben.

"Hey, everyone. Wanted to quickly let you all know what's been happening lately. I know that the big question is 'Who is the new Dream Theater drummer?' I also realize that some people are getting frustrated waiting for the news.

Well, auditions went great and we do have someone but we are spending some time getting everything in order before making an official announcement. Let me just say that we are all incredibly excited about our choice and just bursting at the seams to let the world know!

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a lot of fun and truly an incredible honor. DREAM THEATER is so thankful to the board to be recognized in that way.

I've been demoing tunes for my next solo record at my home as well as writing and cataloguing riffs and ideas for the new DREAM THEATER album. We'll be in the studio come January which is already just around the corner. Can't wait!

Been working on and developing a few new signature products which will be released soon. Stay tuned for details. Also, I've recorded a few demo videos for some of the gear companies I endorse which should be available to view soon. The one for the Zoom Q3HD is already up.

Besides that, just practicing, lifting and taking care of the family. Life is great. I hope this message finds everyone well and again, thanks so much for the tremendous support."