James Labrie cancelt solo tour

      29 oktober 2010

De zanger van Dream Theater, James LaBrie, solo tour dewelke op 26 november 2010 zou starten werd gecanceld. Hieronder valt de reden te belezen.

"It is very difficult for what I am about to say. The 'Static Impulse' tour has been cancelled due to some unfortunate, unforeseen difficulties with securing work visas for a couple of the guys. It would be virtually impossible for us to have these visas processed on time to begin the tour let alone the rehearsals which were scheduled for the week prior to the first show.

"I don't know what to say other than we are all in shock and can only hope we can make this a reality at some point in the near future.

"I am really sorry to everyone who has gone out and purchased the meet-and-greets and show tickets. This totally sucks and I'm sure you're all quite upset and have every right to be. I can only ask for your understanding and forgiveness and assure you that when we are in a position (hopefully in the near future ) to tour all of this will have been taken care of well in advance or it just won't happen.

"Static Impulse" track listing:

01. One More Time (4:16)
02. Jekyll Or Hyde (3:46)
03. Mislead (4:18)
04. Euphoric (5:09)
05. Over The Edge (4:20)
06. I Need You (4:11)
07. Who You Think I Am (3:57)
08. I Tried (3:58)
09. Just Watch Me (4:18)
10. This Is War (4:30)
11. Superstar (3:32)
12. Coming Home (4:29)
13. Jekyll Or Hyde (demo) (3:48) *
14. Coming Home (alternate mix) (4:23) *

* Limited-edition digipak bonus tracks

"I Need You" audio stream: