Alk-a-line recently toured with Red Zebra and launch now a new single! The new CD will be ready in september!

  Van Muylem    21 augustus 2019

Alk-a-line is hot and will make you dance and sweat! Don't miss this news!

Species & Specimens, 3rd Electro duo alk-a-line’s album, to be released on the 1st of september 2019 ! 30 minutes of pounding beats, furious keyboards, bass distortion, loud voices and the strange theremin ‘s one as their echo. The tracklist includes novelties as Homo Sapiens, Boom Boom Dance, Dogs, Black Queen, Human and some ancient tracks tailored for the prestigious Electro Witches guests : Jacques Duvall, Peter Slabbynck (Red Zebra), Bruce Ellison (Volt Selector) and Ross Demon (Length of Time). Perfect human and artistic alchemy for a unique sound from Electro Punk to EBM. Alk-a-line is from now on as efficient in a concert hall as on a Club-Dancefloor, as recently approved by Belgium and Luxembourg audiences. The first single, Homo Sapiens clip, filmed at Magasin4 in Brussels is available on their YT chain since 1st August. Alk-a-line is all about an amazing Live Energy dose on stage !