Tom V    24 december 2020

Gisteravond, tijdens Solstice, heeft de Nordic/dark folk/ambient band band Wardruna (NOR) zijn nieuwe single-video ‘Andvevarljod’ uitgebracht die op het aankomende studio-album 'Kvitravn' staat (releasedatum: 22 januari 2021 via Sony Music).

Frontman Einar Selvik: "On a personal level, 'Andvevarljod' is a song I hold very dear and it was also my starting point on the new album. Musically, it gives voice to very old song traditions and on top of that it is voiced by some of the most central reasons why these traditions are being kept alive for us and the generations to come. So, special thanks go out to our guest singers for lending us their talents and for the invaluable work they do for keeping our traditions alive!"

"'Andvevarljod' (The Song of The Spirit-Weavers) is a central piece on the new album 'KVITRAVN'. It explores the Nordic deities of fate; the Norns, the spinning of life threads and the Norse and Sámi common idea that a person's spirit is connected to wind, both before and after birth. The song features guest appearances by a small group of prominent Norwegian traditional singers, Kirsten Bråten Berg, Sigrid Berg, Unni Løvlid, Ingebjørg Reinholdt alongside our own Lindy-Fay Hella."

Over Solstice: "For me, the winter solstice marks a special place in a year. Here in the northern hemisphere it is the transition from the death cycle to the life cycle of the year - marking the birth of summer and the time to sow and grow."