Mercury Circle – Killing Moons (Noble Demon)

  Van Muylem    8 oktober 2021

I loved their EP (The Dawn Of Vitriol) and couldn’t wait to review their album! I cherish the vocals and the whole dark and melancholic feel! The album takes some time before you can really love it! You will have to listen to it over and over before you can really dive into their world and fully enjoy and embrace the darkness! Finnish quality!

Born as a brainchild in 2018 by ICONCRASH's and SWALLOW THE SUN’s Jaani Peuhu, and featuring members of CHILDREN OF BODOM, SLEEP OF MONSTERS & more, MERCURY CIRCLE create a diverse blend of dark rock infused with electrifying synth wave and slow, epic doom. On their upcoming full-length album, MERCURY CIRCLE unleash ten enthralling tracks, which differ wildly in expression and sonic aesthetics. "Killing Moons" is a deeply powerful and majestic piece of music - truly representing a genre of its own - and one that will take the listener on an all-absorbing trip into yet unimaginable spheres. Dark metal infused soundscapes with powerful synth and electro waves are the breeding ground for a unique journey filled with painful departures to new beginnings, a spectacle in which hope and promises echoing loss and regret. Oh and yes: if you hear female vocals it’s none less but the sweat voice of Cammie Gilbert (Oceans of Slumber etc).

The first track is called The Gates Wide Open and is some kind of a intro. The song builds up slowly, with Indian chants, tribal drums and a floating guitar sound. The vocals give it a clear dark and melancholic touch (the way I really like them the most). The real first blow comes with the catchy Black Mirrors. This song is filled with emotions, mostly sadness! The chorus is top notch! One of my favourite tracks on this album!Check out the female whispering voice (sounds pretty hot)! The synths give it a real good touch! You Open Up The Earth sounds like taking us to Pakistan (in the beginning). The melancholic vocals drag you deeper and deeper towards the darkness! The mood is really heavy and dark! Killing Moons sounds a bit harsher and heavier, with some outbursts. Towards the end it sounds more like a gothic doom track! Seven Archangels starts with chanting women (almost in an Indian way). The bass is upfronted when the main vocals jump in. Towards the end the tempo goes a bit up and the sound becomes more filled and wider. Call On The Dark starts with something that sounds like a harp and a weird computer animated voice. The synth plays an important role in setting the mood, just as the vocals. Somehow I have a feeling that the rage live underneath the vocals and is somehow restrained. Some vocal outburst give it some air, just as the heavy guitar sound, but somehow there is always a cool down period after each outburst. Avalanche is a typical Mercury Circle track: dark floating with a melancholic feel and vocals that sound like in despair. The music is filled with pathos! An Arrow almost starts like one of the songs from The Mission (in their best period). Feel the pathos and the melancholy whilst the guitar sound is very into the 80’s (goth/rock). Like Matches s another great track with a god tempo and a very catchy feel! This one has for sure a great potential! The extra female vocals are also rally great! Last track is called Death Poem: a doom metal kind of a track with an epic feel. It’s a great end for a great first full album!

I hope to see them one day on stage and meet the guys as they have all my symphaty!


Jaani Peuhu - Vocals, Guitars, Synths (Iconcrash, Swallow the Sun, Hallatar)

Jussi Hämäläinen - Guitars, Synths, Backing vocals (Hanging Garden, The Chant)

Juppe Sutela - Guitars (To/Die/For)

Ande Kiiski - Bass (Sleep of Monsters, Rytmihäiriö)

Jaska Raatikainen - Drums (Children of Bodom)

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