LORDI – Abracadaver (AFM)

  Van Muylem    9 december 2021

It’s the second out of 7 new albums for The Finnish monsters called Lordi. Each of these 7 albums have a different approach but are all linked to the 70’s and they also used gear from the 70’s to come as close as possible to the sound of the 70’s within the genre of each album.

SCG Minus 2: Horricone is naturally a tribute to Ennio Morricone (The worldwide famous composer of great movie soundtracks). This brings in again a side of Lordi you would never expect to hear/discover! The first real track is called Devilium and rocks like a real 70’s heavy metal track! This one will for sure pleasure the fans: scream and rock together with the band! Arms in the air and pay a little tribute to Black Sabbath and Motörhead! Great guitar play and exploding drums! This is Lordi heaven! Abracadaver is another smoking hot rocker and reflects the power of a magical Lordi track! It’s finger licking great and badass! Rejected is a screaming rocker with a cool guitar sound and a lovely retro metal feel! Other metal bands might be jealous once they hear this pearl! AcidBleeding Eyes is a monstruous track like only Lordi can compose it! It’s loud and heavy whilst the guitars are roaring! This is njammie! Raging At Tomorrow sounds a bit slower whilst you would expect a real hard hitter after reading the title of this track. The chorus is even a bit catchy. Beast of Both Worlds is a nice 70’s hard rock track where you can feel that this one fit’s them like a glove! I can see them perform this whole album on stage whilst their fans are enjoying it! I’m Sorry Not Sorry starts with a cool bass and hammering drums! The guitars are smoking hot! It’s another smashing track with a cool chorus! Bent Outta Shape is another great hard rocking track with a powerful feel! The solo halfway will be loved by a lot of people! It’s again the kind of song that is made for performing on stage! More comes with Evil! Hell yeah! You can hear and feel that this is one of their roots! This is the base that made them what they are in 2021! Vulture of Fire makes it even hotter for you as they deliver one smoking hot track after another! I think they had to change a lot of snares after each track! The last track is called Beastwood it’s more an outro unleashing the beasts!

Well this album is worth buying and will appeal to a lot of fans! I feel they hit the right spot with this one! Can’t wait to hear these tracks getting performed on stage!

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