ULTRA SUNN - Body Electric

  Van Muylem    5 april 2022

As I’m normally going to see them on stage at This Is Not A Dark Fest in a few month’s I felt it was time to dig a bit deeper into the music of this new to me duo who calls themselves ULTRA SUNN.

ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary band from Brussels. They formed in 2019, and launched their first track called Night Is Mine. Their debut EP, released on March 2021, contains four tracks including a remix by the Berlin DJ Sarin. After having met a great success, this first EP will be repressed in April 2022, including a remix by Kontravoid, while the band continues its European tour.

Sam's deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines. The couple is haunted by a Coldwave / EBM energy. Witnesses of their time, the band creates dancing, luminous and hypnotic hymns about gender equality, self-improvement, street harassment and fight against anxiety.

‚ÄčTheir second EP called Body Electric, on the German label Cold Transmission is now available everywhere. For influences, the duo refers to Coldwave and EBM such as Schwefelgelb, DAF, Kontravoid, or Front 242.

Enough promo talk let’s review this EP! It’s starts with the instrumental The Eye. It’s a short track that can be used to open the floor during gigs as it has the same feeling and building up as what Front 242 did long time with Happiness. Body Electric is the title track and is not a cover version of The Sisters of Mercy! Sam’s voice here come’s rather close to Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), mixed with music that could have been an outtake from an older Front 242 album and thus really sounds great! Two Snakes goes on with more synths and electric drums whilst the music is into EBM! It’s a nice tune that will be loved by fans of this genre! Sorrows & Tears mixes gothic with EBM (listen to the vocals), the retro style does fit them! It’s also very dancefloor minded! Silver Smile mixes the best from the past with their own shots and character. It’s another dancefloor filler! The last one seems to be a fan favourite track: Young Foxes. The songs has more changes in the tempo as all the previous songs and yet keeps you dancing on the floor. I can see you having a work out on the dancefloor! This is great!

Now that I had this EP I’m more then ever looking forward to see them on stage! Why not on 14/05/2022?!

Check out this one:

SNOOZECONTROL - This is not a dark fest: Red Zebra, The Ultimate Dreamers, Ultra Sunn & Partikul at Lessen/Lessines St-Roch zaal 14/5/2022 vanaf 18:30!