Elfika - Angel EP

  Van Muylem    25 februari 2020

Elfika is a French female fronted symphonic metal band, founded in 2014. They present their EP and will soon play at Kraken Metal Rock Fest 7! Time to introduce them with these 2 songs!

They start with Angel: a rambling bass, a choir, symphonic arrangements and good lead vocals. It's an up-tempo song where you get the feeling thta soon you will start to fly and elevate yourself.Second song is Inferno that starts with a scary and mysterious sound before the guitars shred it all to pieces. Laure Ali-Khodja sounds a bit more angry here and does a perfect job. The song sounds evelish and reached it's goal. Can't wait to hear them on stage!

And as you all know: this is only the warming for their upcoming full album!

More info about the festival:

Kracken Metal Rock Fest 7