Kraken Metal Rock 7 presents:

  Van Muylem    22 februari 2020

If you want to go to a nice and still cheap festival this is the one for you! It has always been fun and you will discover some great bands too! Write it down: 9th of May 2020, from 12.30 on!


EXISTANCE( FR): vintage heavy metal with great vocals and a powered up live show.


- RAINOVER ( SPA): female fronted metal band with a softer side and ready to conquer your heart!


- PANDORAS KEY ( NL): metal with a melodic touch and powerful vocals.


- SYR DARIA ( FR): influenced by Iron Maiden & Metallica, but has also it's own style.

album review

- ELFIKA (FR): French female fronted symphonic metal!


- ALLIENCE plays IRON MAIDEN ( BE): no words needed. This female fronted band will start the party from the first until the very last song, so don't miss it!


- EPIDEMIAN (BE): fast, heavy, loud, doom metal from Belgium! Be sure to get your ear plugs in first and enjoy! 

- ABHCAN ( FR): a French band with a siren behind the mic! Don't miss this beauty!

interview with Abhcan

Zaal: Zik-Zak Rue de Tubize,28 1460 Ittre-Virginal (Belgium)