Abhcan will perform at the Kraken metal Rock Fest 7!

  Van Muylem    25 februari 2020

As we love this festival so much it seems logic to present you all the bands who will perform. Today it's time for Abhcan!

Abhcan started as a bunch of friends getting together to play and cover their favorite bands. After a few shows, they released a first Demo in 2015, called Redemption. After their singer’s departure, Lina joined the band in 2017 and thus started the conception of the first album, announced later as “The Pit”, to be out before summer 2020.

Since October 2019, Abhcan has been playing at the Backstage By The Mill, New Morning & the Petit Bain in Paris to promote the upcoming album, revealing a few songs as well as the album’s artwork: a drowning girl raising her arm towards the light. “The Pit” will be a heavy melodic album, with a touch of unexpected death and trash bits. Fans of Metallica, Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, In This Moment and Arch Enemy will easily see the blend of influences but will also be surprised by the personal Abhcan touch.

Abhcan is: Lina as a vocalist, Laurent as a rhythm guitarist, Arnaud as a solo guitarist, Stephane as a bassist, and Guillaume as a drummer.

Enjoy the great video's too:

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Kracken Metal Rock Fest 7