Rainover announces new album and will play soon in Belgium too!

  Van Muylem    26 februari 2020

Rainover is a female fronted Spanish Gothic metal band and they will present on the 17th of April their new album who will be named Nox. On the 8th of May the physically album wil be available (Wormholedeath Records). They will perform the 9th of May at the Kraken Metal Rock Fest 7 in Belgium, so don't miss it!

Here's their own news as they posted it on facebook: "Rainover are very happy to present you the new video and first single for NOX: LUMINA OMNIA, with the guest participation of vocalist Anders Jacobsson (Draconian). You can now find it in all main digital streaming platforms, where you will be able to listen to it or purchase it.

LUMINA OMNIA starts a new era for Rainover after six years of silence. Six years in which we’ve put our light and darkness into music. This is the result, and we can’t be prouder to share it with you all today. We hope it gets into your hearts the same way it pours from ours.

Now that you’ve got to listen to how NOX sounds, let us ask you: what do you think about the new sound? Share your feelings in the comments!

For now, let’s transcend together."

More info about the festival:

Kraken Metal Rock Fest 7