Syr Daria - Tears of a Clown (Sliptrick Records)

  Van Muylem    5 maart 2020

Syr Daria is a French quintet of heavy metal/hard rock musicians that have been together since 2007. They will perform the 9th of May at Kraken Metal Rock Fest 7! Time to investigate their music!

They released heir third album in December 2019. The album is called Tears of A Clown and starts with the song In The End: a fast old school rock metal track with a catchy chorus and cool guitar play. I’m pretty sure this band will be able to conquer a lot of hearts during the festival in Ittre! It’s good that they released the next song already last year: Virus as we are still looking for a cure for the Covid-19-virus (known by the popular term Corona virus, but that is technically not the right term). It’s a catchy track with great backings, hammering drums and a retro feel. I adore the clean vocals and the total package! In better times this song could even make it into the more popular radio’s. Elm Street refers to the Nightmare on Elm Street movies: although the theme is pretty heavy the song sounds catchy and sweet, mixed with a slice of Metallica. I’m pretty sure this song will steal your heart! Tears of A Clown is not a cover and starts with a little music that kids love but it breaks towards the end. After this hell explodes and their heavy metal sounds (close to Iron Maiden’s) comes out of the box with a flegmatic and catchy feel.



Brother is an acoustic ballad with a clear bluesy and melancholic touch. Towards the end the song gets more speed and more power, but doesn’t loose the sad undertone. It’s clearly one of my favourite tracks of the album: I really like it (there is even a violin in it if I listen good enough)! More powered up and muscle’s comes with Mr Gray: a track that will make a great stage act! More arm wrestling comes with When The Roses Fade (where I clearly hear the new bass player clearly). The song has a catchy chorus and a lot of sung parts that might heat up the place when performed on stage. Loser’s Club mixes a new sound with retro whilst the vocals sound very professional! The drums are hitting hard whilst the guitars gets some occasions to show off. I like the passage with the special echo effects on the vocals too. All in all it’s a pretty fired up track with a lot of potential!

Red Silence is yet another bomb with a high tempo and some surprising changes halfway (almost as if a new track starts). Randall Flagg has a catchy chorus that I heard somewhere else: My Name is Legion … The drums are hard hitting and the general sounds mixes old school with a modern touch and the perfect vocals.

I must say that this band surprised me in the most positive way! It was really a pleasure listening to them! Even my son (who can be very critical) told me he liked their sound! Can’t wait to see them on stage!


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