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New Model Army launches new video and announces new CD! Winter is coming!

  Van Muylem    22 juli 2016

There's no need to tell who New Model Army is, so we are really glad to present their newest videoclip! There's even more great news: a new CD will follow later on!

Aziza Poggi-Ortiz launches indiego campaign for her perfume and will be part of the MFVF!

  Van Muylem    16 juli 2016

Aziza Poggi-Ortiz performed at the last edition of the Metal Female Voices fest with het symphonic metal band Aria Flame and now she returns at this same festival: she will be selling her perfumes from her company at Aziza World Fragrances, LLC along with select band merchandise near the MFVF boo...

Covenant launches new single and announces new CD!

  Van Muylem    12 juli 2016

Fans of Covenant will be very happy with this news! Nice thing is that we get a very good explanation about the background story of their new work as the lyrics for their new single is based on recent events!

Lacrimas Profundere - Hope Is Here (Oblivion / SPV)

  Van Muylem    11 juli 2016

Lacrimas Profundere is a Gothic Rock band that already toured over 29 countries, sold more than 100,000 records and played not just Berlin and Moscow, but also have Tokyo and Beijing under their belt. And yet this is my first time as a reviewer and sadly I missed their gigs so far too … Ho...

Heimataerde - Hick Hack Hackebeil (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    6 juli 2016

The undead templars of Heimataerde return with a catchy mix of Electro, medieval music and Neue Deutsche Härte on their new single Hick Hack Hackebeil - a smashing harbinger for the epic new album Aerdenbrand.

Saltatio Mortis - Licht & Schatten! Best of 2000-2014 (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    4 juli 2016

I saw Saltatio Mortis years ago as headliner during the great festival in Mons called Trolls et Légendes. A leg injury of the singer (Alea der Bescheidene) almost called in a cancellation, but even with this injury we got the most energetic gig of the festival! It was simply unbelievable h...

"Metal Female Voices Unplugged" unveiled!

  Van Muylem    1 juli 2016

The Metal Female Voices Fest. in Wieze is always something special and so is for sure the first day (21/10/2016)! This year it will be dedicated to the fans! See the info underneath:

Nervosa -Agony (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    20 juni 2016

I know Nervosa since they launched their debut albumVictim of Yourself in 2014 and absolutely adored them! They gave me the perfect female fronted - and technically worth a master degree - Thrash metal! Today they offer us their second album!

Ruins of Elysium – Daphne (FULL EP + Bonus Track)

  Van Muylem    23 juni 2016

It’s always nice to see that some bands notice our website by the bias of our reviews. This one contacted me after reading a review about Evig Natt last album. I could have said no, but I’m always eager to go where I have never before been too … Be ready for some Opera symphoni...

SIR REG - Modern Day Disgrace (Gain Music/ Sony Music)

  Van Muylem    9 juni 2016

Sir Reg is an energetic six piece from Sweden playing Celtic punk. To be honest: I have never heard of them, but once I started listening to the new album I was pretty fast amused and attracted! So here we go, folks!