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KING SATAN Announces European Tour For April 2018

  Erik Vandamme    26 maart 2018

KING SATAN was founded in 2015 by KING ALEISTER SATAN a.k.a. FRA. ZETEKH (known before as a mastermind of SATURNIAN MIST). The band released their over-the-top debut album ”King Fucking Satan” in May 2017 via SATURNAL RECORDS. KING SATAN announces their first European Tour for April&n...

King Goat - Debt Of Aeons (Aural Music)

 Filip Vanhoof    24 maart 2018

Since 2016, a doomed yet bright wind blows from the South of England.. The debut CD Conduit by Brighton based King Goat surprised friend and foe and blew away everything with their modern sounding progressive doom metal and their fantastic vocalist. On April 20th, the long awaited succe...

Defiatory - Hades Rising (Black Lion Records)

 Filip Vanhoof    18 maart 2018

When you’re a Swede you can’t go through the streets without at least bumping into a (melo-) Death Metal band member once a week. On the other hand it’s quite difficult to spot a Thrash Metal dude. All hail Defiatory, a Swedish Thrash band that pretty much does it the American w...

Richard Von Sabeth - King Of Nothing (Rehab Records)

  Van Muylem    18 maart 2018

King Of Nothing is the solo debut album from Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69) under the pseudonym of Richard Von Sabeth. Nine tracks of pure haunted gothic rock. A diary of wounds and deep scars, a collection of intimate ballads of Sex, Love and Death. Inspired by the horror films of the early '90s...

The Arch launches new video

  Van Muylem    3 maart 2018

The Arch played in Magasin 4 one of their best sets ever and now they launch a new video! They launch in 2018 every month a new track, so keep your eyes on their facebook!

Grimner feat. Erik Grawsiö - Fafnersbane (Despotz Records)

  Van Muylem    28 januari 2018

The Vikings of the Swedish metal band Grimner launches their new single, Fafnersbane with Månegarm's Erik Grawsiö as featuring singer, January 26th. This single is from the upcoming album, Vanadrottning that will be released February 9th!

Clouds is coming to Antwerp, together with Sylvaine and Funeral!

  Van Muylem    27 januari 2018

Grab your tickets for the 3rd of February as Bro’d Promotions and Grimm Ghent are organizing Funeral February at the Amuz in Antwerp!

PSY’AVIAH - Lightflare (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    15 januari 2018

Yves Schelpe, the man behind PSY’AVIAH worked himself all the way up and can look back at 15 years of hard work and lots of experiments. It wasn’t always easy, just as it wasn’t easy to find the right people for the right song, but that is just what keeps him in the race and kee...

Your Life On Hold - Burning for the ancient connection (Solar Lodge)

  Erik Vandamme    3 januari 2018

I know Jan Dewulf aka John Wolf for some years, noticed him for the first time playing with Mildreda and interviewed him right after his performance. After that I got hooked and never stopped following him. He also started Diskonnekted and went into a more electronic way. With Your Life on Hold h...

Lovelorn Dolls launches preview for the upcoming new album!

  Van Muylem    30 december 2017

The first track of the new and upcoming album from Lovelorn Dolls has been unveiled today an it's coming with a nice video! It's a nice mix of gothic and electronic sounds, mixed with some soft and female fronted metal.