Ultra Sunn talks about their music and will be delighted if Radio Willy would play one of their songs!

  Van Muylem    29 april 2022

ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary band from Brussels. They formed in 2019, and launched their first track called Night Is Mine. Their debut EP, released on March 2021, contains four tracks including a remix by the Berlin DJ Sarin. After having met a great success, this first EP was repressed in April 2022, including a remix by Kontravoid, while the band continues its European tour.

I can't wait to see them on stage at This Is Not A Dark Fest in Lessines, 14/5/2022! Time to ask them a few questions and present them to you!

My classic starter when I interview a band for the first time is a question about the band’s name: why this name and what does it mean for you ? 

Our band is called ULTRA SUNN because we started talking together about aesthetics and beauty. The supreme beauty for us is the natural light from the sun. We then became interested in light that is not visible to us, like ultraviolet rays, and we like the idea that this light can reveal something that is hidden. It is also a positive way of thinking, the sun always ends up rising and you have to continue to believe in it even in the darkest moments. Our duo aims to create a beam of light in the darkness, like a landmark or a refuge, which is why the subjects of our songs are always positive and powerful. 

What made you jump into the world of music? How did it all started for you?

Sam: I've been making music since I was 18 and I've toured quite a bit with rock bands in my twenties. I have always been fascinated by electronic music from the late 80s and early 90s, especially Belgian New Beat. I'm a spontaneous generation, nobody really was into music in my family but it was always obvious to me. 

Gaelle: I’ve learned classical piano in my childhood and electronic music has always interested me very much so I decided to switch to the synthesiser a little before forming our band. 

You called your last EP Body Electric. Is it a referral to The Sisters Of Mercy or to Front 242 or has it another meaning?

It could also have been a reference to the beautiful track Body Electric by Lana Del Rey but it is not any of the three answers. The EP is named after our song Body Electric and it is about the need to use certain substances to be uninhibited, to have self-confidence and how much I never needed anything artificial to feel my body electric. 

I described the vocals on this song as coming close to Dave Gahan (also goes up for the excellent track: Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Young Foxes, …) and music that could have been an outtake of an old Front 242 album, what do you think of that?

First of all thank you for the compliment. These are cool references. We think it's nice if it brings back good memories, but above all, we keep in mind our desire for modernity, to be witnesses of our time and to speak for our generation.

Most of the tracks are very dancefloor minded, was that done on purpose? Have you already had news about tracks been played during parties?

Well yes ! our tracks are made for dancing and with our music we create spaces where we can all express our true self. We have the pleasure of seeing our tracks played by DJs all over the world such as the USA, the UK, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Belgium etc. 

It's always great and heartwarming to get videos of folks partying to our music. 

Have you already been played on the radio? Have you tried to get on the Radio Willy playlist (the greatest alternative radio in Belgium)?

We are lucky to be on radios all over the world including Belgium. We haven't been on Radio Willy playlist yet but we would be delighted as always!

Your second EP called Body Electric has been released on the German label Cold Transmission, how did you manage to do that? Does it help to get booked in Germany too or is that still a dream?

Suzy and Andy from Cold Transmission got to know our music shortly after our first EP was released on the Spanish label Oraculo Records. They offered us to work with them and a great collaboration was born. They are doing an amazing work and we get along really well with them. It is a pleasure to work together. 

We indeed have the pleasure of playing often in Germany, where the public is very reactive to what we do. We play in Leipzig, Ilmenau, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin etc. We have a tour of all of Germany planned for March 2023. 

Kontravoid did a great remix (Keep Your Eyes Peeled), how did you approach Kontravoid or was it the other way?

We love Cameron's music and his approach is really new, refreshing and interesting to us. He’s a very kind and professional person and things happened very naturally between us. We are very happy with this collaboration. 

In May you will play in Lessines (14/5/2022), together with the cult band Red Zebra and The Ultimate Dreamers (where the singer made his name as a gig/festival/party organizer). How does it feel to be on the same stage as them? What can we expect (for those who have never seen you on stage)?

We are so happy and excited to come to Lessines ! Fred from Ultimate Dreamers is so kind and so involved in the scene ! We are delighted that he offered us to take part in this festival ! It's always an honour for us to play with cult bands. We have also had the chance to play or will soon play soon with Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, A Split Second, Portion Control, IAMX etc. 

May 14 will be a moment to party and to be yourself. We are really looking forward for the Lessines gig !

Can we expect soon new material and more gigs?

We have gigs scheduled all over Europe until October 2022 and a cool Germany / Switzerland tour will start in March 2023. More gigs will be added to the list.

We will be playing in London, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium in the next months.

We are currently working on new tracks and we can't wait to share those. 

With whom would you love to go on tour with or just be the warming up band for?

Probably Lana Del Rey or Rihanna. 

What else can we expect in the near future?

We will continue to give the best of ourselves and to offer moment to be yourself in a total safe place, this is the most important thing for us. 

Is there something I forgot to ask? Feel free to talk about it to close down this interview.

Thank you for having us and see you very soon! 

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